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trend-home renovation-home-investmentHow a Granite & TREND Transformations franchise can help you bring value to your customers by adding value to their homes. 

Despite the ongoing problems in the rest of the economy, the home renovation market continues to buck the trend. Aside from a small dip during the first lockdowns, we’ve seen significant year-on-year growth right across our network and the industry body Rated People reported a 32% rise in demand for home improvements in 2021. 

So, what makes our industry different? There are a number of reasons of course, not least that people are spending more time at home post-pandemic and how their homes look and feel is a higher priority than ever. However, one of the single biggest factors is that the home improvement sector is intrinsically linked to the property sales market. UK house prices are still booming with British homes now worth more than at any time in history. As demand vastly outstrips existing housing stocks, this is a trend that is set to continue for many years to come. As a result, homeowners want to maximise their profits and this means making an impression on buyers with a great-looking home.  

For industry body Property Mark, it is all too clear which room adds the most value: “Kitchens are often the main focus for many buyers, it may be the first thing they look to replace or pay more for if a property has one they like.” According to Nationwide, a new kitchen can add between 6% and 10% to the value of a property. The average house price in the UK in 2022 is around £280k, so that means adding anything between £16k and £28k to the value of a home.  

In more affluent areas, such as Surrey, where the average house price is more than £600k, homeowners could see an increase as high as an extra £60k. Renovating a kitchen might not be cheap, but it sure does pay off! 

Conversely, neglecting the kitchen can also actively reduce a house’s selling price. In the 2021 Rated People Home Improvement Trends Report*, it was revealed that outdated décor, or a dirty-looking kitchen, could knock tens of thousands of pounds off what a house ought to be worth. Signs of mould or dampness and the presence of bad odours can also have a hugely negative impact.  

Kitchens have always been the heart of the home in so many ways and more so in recent years with them taking on a whole variety of roles in our lives, even becoming ad hoc home offices or classrooms. Essentially, kitchens are a big part of what makes a house a home. Estate agents know this, and so do buyers, which is why homeowners are keener than ever to find ways to make that critical first impression count. 

With the innovative products and services you can offer as a partner with Granite & TREND Transformations, you’ll be able to give customers a quick, cost-effective and hassle-free route to the beautiful, sales-ready kitchen that they need. In fact, with products like our innovative Top that Fits on Top, transforming kitchens has never been easier and you’ll be able to give customers an alternative to completely tearing out their kitchens. 

Our engineered stone surfaces simply fit directly over existing worktops, meaning that you’re not only saving customers a great deal of mess and disruption but achieving a great new look at a fraction of the cost - and the potential for an even greater return on their investment when they come to sell.

You’ll also be able to easily cater to customers who only need a simple refresh. Even small changes can make a huge difference, so you can guarantee value for money even for homeowners with a more limited budget. 

For example, replacing cupboard doors can be a great way to freshen up a space. Old and worn doors can really let down an otherwise fantastic-looking décor and are easy and cost-effective to replace. Likewise, with some of our storage solutions, customers can make the most of their existing space freeing up their most impressive surfaces for when buyers visit.  

Running your own home renovation business in partnership with Granite & TREND Transformations means having everything you need to offer customers a high-quality service that gives them great value for money and will keep paying off for both of you for many years to come! 

Ready to get in on the action? Get in touch with us today.

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