Four TaxAssist Accountants celebrate 20 years of business success: here is what they say

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TaxAssist Accountants is the largest network of accountants in the UK dedicated to serving the financial issues of small businesses and self-employed individuals.

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Four TaxAssist Accountants celebrate 20 years of business success: here is what they say


Terry and Elizabeth Peachman, Tess Blayton, Chris and Angela Cottee, and Mark Jury are all celebrating the milestone anniversary of 20 years in business as a TaxAssist Accountants franchise.


Four TaxAssist Accountants franchise practices, Terry and Elizabeth Peachman (Lincoln), Tess Blayton (Newton Abbot and Totnes), Chris and Angela Cottee (Bourne and Sleaford) and Mark Jury (Crowborough), mark this year their 20th anniversaries.




All have built up substantial businesses and remain pleased with their decision to join the largest network of small business specialist accountants and leading accountancy franchise in the UK. 


As Terry said: “I never imagined having the business I have today when I set out all those years ago. It has exceeded all expectations.”


Tess, with her two franchises in Newton Abbot and Totnes, started her accounting franchise journey from a resale in 2011 and has only looked forward ever since. She said: “When I joined TaxAssist, I knew that it was the right thing for me. That has proved to be the case over and over again. Thank you to everyone at the Support Centre for the amazing support that has been given over the years.”



Chris, who runs his franchise with his wife Angela out of Bourne and Sleaford, reflected: “It only seems like yesterday we were starting on our journey. I would like to thank all at the Support Centre, because, without their hard work and support over the last 20 years, TaxAssist would not be the well respected and trusted brand it is today."


Continuing with, “I’m happy to report that we have recently signed up for another 10 years with TaxAssist!”


Mark, in Crowborough. states: “A lot has changed since I joined TaxAssist Accountants in 2002, in the accounting industry and the way the network has grown. But the same supportive family feel has endured, while the franchise has continued to innovate and develop into the enormously successful brand it is today. My thanks to everyone for their help over the years.”


TaxAssist Accountants is in incredible growth, beating all previous records, thanks to its thriving and expanding family.



All you need is a minimum investment of £39.950 to partake in the growth and technological innovation of the bookkeeping & accounting sector. TaxAssist Accountants will propel your success, mapping growth plans out for you, a 6-week training program in-person or online, and ongoing support helping you succeed.


Visit TaxAssist Accountants in person at the Regular Discovery Days, finding out more about the technical, marketing and business development support on offer. Either call 0800 0188297 or submit an enquiry here to register your interest.

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