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trend-alex jared-imageThe latest addition to the Granite & TREND Transformations team empowers franchisees to take their businesses to the next level by winning high-end commercial contracts.

The home renovations market is booming, with a huge surge in 2021 powered by a fundamental shift in how people view their home - a boom which is set to continue through 2022 and beyond with many franchisees seeing record turnovers. However, serving the domestic market is only just a part of what is possible with a Granite & TREND Transformations franchise – there’s huge potential for large-scale commercial projects that many in the network are starting to tap into.

To help them do this and further promote the brand to corporate and commercial customers, we have appointed Alex Jared as our new Commercial Sales & Specification Coordinator, a wide-ranging role which will help our franchisees realise the full power of their businesses.

Alex joins us after a long career for some of the world’s most prestigious design brands, looking after large-scale projects for architects and interior designers. Having extensive experience with producers of quartz surfaces and glass mosaics, including the renowned Bisazza family, whose former co-owner, Pino Bisazza, is now the president and co-founder of the TREND Group, Alex is a formidable addition to the team who is set to bring renewed vigour to this side of the business.

As Alex himself tells us: “My main mission is to get TREND’s name back to the forefront of the commercial market where it belongs. A lot of people know us well and have worked with us for many years already. My goal is to really push the remarkable products and services we can offer to interior designers, architects and big name retailers. By promoting the brand this way, we can help our franchisees win more of these key projects.

By focusing more on the commercial market, we are not only looking to help our franchisees increase their overall revenue but also to actively diversify into multiple revenue streams. Even with the fantastic results, we have seen right across our network, the last few years have taught us to not take anything for granted in the business world. So, while the home renovation sector continues to be stronger than ever, we understand the importance of continually growing new sales channels to ensure that your business remains robust and resilient, whatever the future may hold.  

Some of the projects franchisees can tap into might be small offices or other local businesses but there is plenty of potential for huge scale contracts too, that are 6, 12 or even 24 months long.” Alex continues. “We’re talking about hotels, offices, government buildings, etc – places where you could be working on dozens, if not hundreds, of rooms.  

There’s a great deal of opportunity out there, especially with the hospitality sector bouncing back. We’re also seeing a lot of interest in converting office blocks into residential properties and flexible co-working spaces. Really, there’s no limit to what we could do with the products Granite & TREND franchisees can offer.” 

One of the biggest advantages to franchising with a brand like Granite & TREND Transformations has always been that you can have all the benefits of being your own boss, but still draw on all the resources, products and support that a larger company can offer. This is not just limited to our franchisees; our customers can enjoy the best of both worlds when they work with us too.  

By working with a local business, they can be sure they will receive the very best in local support, quick turnaround and all the other benefits which come with a close-knit team that they come to know and trust. However, they also receive high-quality products and end-to-end service which come with a global brand, making anyone who is part of the franchise a very appealing prospect for all manner of commercial customers, big and small.  

As one of the UK’s leading kitchen and bathroom renovation franchises, bringing these extra skills to our team is not just about promoting the brand to a larger market, it is also an essential part of the support we can offer our franchisees. With Alex now part of our Franchise & Advisory Support Team (FAST), we will be able to work even more closely with our partners to help them grow their businesses, tapping into this highly lucrative market.  

I’m looking forward to getting out there and meeting our franchisees in person. For many of them, this is still a massive untapped market, and I want to pass on some of my experience and expertise, answering any questions that they have and help them get noticed by the right new clients. With the scale of products Granite & TREND Transformations can offer and the fantastic customer service that goes with it, there’s every reason for our franchisees to feel confident about pushing these new sales.”  

As one of our franchisees, you’ll not only have access to core products, such as our etherium™ by E-Stone surfaces and the famous Top that Fits on Top but also to every other part of our range, including the eye-catching glass mosaics and tiles that are already grabbing the attention of big-name commercial clients. Add in the complete service you can offer with a fully, vertically integrated company like Granite & TREND Transformations and all the support you will receive from experts like Alex, and you have a real recipe for success! 

Interested in being a part of it? Get in touch today to find out how you could own your own successful and rewarding business with a Granite & TREND Transformations franchise.

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