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About Marketing 4 Results

Helping to develop your Franchise Business with Proven Lead generation Digital Marketing Strategies

Franchisee acquisition through digital marketing & automated, sequenced prospect follow-up using CRM platforms

What we do

  1. Acquire Franchise leads & prospects through digital marketing…we have worked with many franchise businesses and know the marketing strategies that work. (creating ads, audiences, ad groups and custom landing pages with specific USP’s for specific target markets

  2. Ensure all leads from whatever digital source are integrated into a Sales Management process within a CRM package that then automates the process of converting the prospect to a paying franchisee. Example landing pages for a franchise business:

  3. Ensure all leads from whatever digital source are integrated into a sales management process dictated by a CRM package configured for your needs: this will automate the workflow process (SMS and email) of converting the prospect to a paying client.

    Creating copy for meaningful landing pages that act as a “selling pages” > website contact forms will integrate contacts into the CRM package for automated follow-up.

  4. Linking contacts from the CRM package into automated workflows within our mass email marketing clouded based system.

  5. Ensuring all website leads through contact forms (as a result of digital marketing activity) talk effectively to the CRM system and the automated processes.

Acquisition Strategies

1. Social Media Paid Ads

Instagram and Facebook: run multiple ads for franchisee acquisition to multiple ad groups

Audience targeting is key: ads should only be shown to and audience that is relevant to your offering:

We run Facebook ads for many clients operating in distinctly different markets sectors…some sell products, some sell services, some sell franchises

Example ads for a franchise business:

2. Paid Ads across the Google Network (should I run Search ads? Display ads? Or Video ads on YouTube?)

The Google Network is massive: search ads, display ads and YouTube ads to name a few of the popular options Search vs. Display: When you think of Google Ads, you probably think of the ads that show up when you search in

Those ads are on the Search Network. The Search Network gives advertisers the opportunity to display ads at the precise time when prospects are searching for their products or services.

You can think of the Search Network like the old Yellow pages. Most prospects use to search and the Search Network is the new Yellow pages.

The Display Network has nothing to do with searching on! The key difference is that when you target the Display Network, you’re not targeting prospects searching for your products or services; You’re interrupting people as they visit one of the nearly 3 million websites in the Display Network. That’s why display advertising is sometimes referred to as “Interruption Marketing”.

3. Set-Up Affiliate Marketing Scheme

The best affiliate marketing programs make it simple and easy to earn income from your website or to have your offering promoted by affiliate partners.

Affiliate marketing is the key to generating income or sales on your website by using the power of a network of other sites that promote your product or service.

The concept of affiliate marketing is relatively simple: you sign up for a program for a particular product or service, and if accepted for it, you can then using existing marketing materials and/or links with a unique URL. In the event that someone signs up for that product or service using that URL, the referring partner earns a commission.

4. Set-Up Native ads campaign for Franchisee acquisition

These are paid ads across platforms other than Google such as Bing or Taboola > they work on a similar basis to all other paid ad platforms > Create the ads > target the relevant audience > point interested parties to relevant web pages for sign up or further information.

5. Videos on websites have a huge impact on website enquiries as your visitors hear & see your proposition rather than reading lots of text.

An explainer video is a short animated video that summarises your business pitch in a fun, witty and memorable way. Something we hear all the time..."We’d love a video to promote our services but the cost is prohibitive” Infographic explainer videos! From just £680.00


6. CRM set-up, implementation of lead generation processes, set-up workflow emails, SMS workflows, bespoke workflows

Why our CRM offering is different Most businesses are presented with a confusing and vast amount of options when choosing a CRM. If you choose to DIY or elect for "an off the shelf" package like Monday, Salesforce or ZOHO you are presented with the un-configured product: most have great difficulty setting the system up to work the way they do. Another option is to choose a truly bespoke system (custom coded): Such options start at £10,000 plus hosting costs.

With us, we first get to know your needs by consulting with you, advising on best practice, flowcharting, identifying software and configuring it as needed.

You can of course use the expertise of ZOHO or Salesforce consultants but they are expensive and rarely understand the marketing or business needs as we do.

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