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Bubbleology franchise information

If you've always dreamed of owning and operating your own entrepreneurial tea business, consider opening a Bubbleology bubble tea franchise. This stand-out brand has achieved impressive global growth in recent years, and is always looking out for motivated franchisees to work as single-site operators and area developers. When you become the owner of Bubbleology franchise, you'll work directly with the brand's London head office, which will ensure your journey to becoming a successful franchisee is smooth and straight forward.

About Bubbleology franchise

The most successful Bubble Tea business network in Europe and the UK, Bubbleology was founded in Soho, central London, in 2011. Since then the franchise has rapidly expanded across the country, continental Europe and as far away as North America and the Middle East. One of the most promising new franchises in the food and beverages sector, this brand provides a delicious product mix ranging from milk teas to fruit teas, all of which are hand-made to order and include 100% organic leaves.

The concept

The Bubbleology concept originates from Bubble Tea, a delicious and refreshing tea-based beverage that includes tapioca pearls and can be enjoyed hot or cold. While traditionally consumed in Asia, Bubbleology has brought this tea to the attention of global consumers through its pioneering franchise ideas. Today, the brand has an exciting menu, which not only includes teas, but also alternative products such as soya, coffee and low-calorie drinks.

A well-recognised international brand

Because Bubbleology is accredited by the British Franchise Association (bfa), it's recognised as an ethical franchisor that complies with industry standards. In addition, Bubbleology has a streamlined supply chain, which means all franchisees benefit from an efficient, centrally managed distribution network so costs are kept to a minimum. This vibrant lifestyle brand also has partnerships with leading fashion brands and retailers, which means your franchise will get significant exposure, so you can make the biggest impact in your franchise territory.

Whats required to become a Bubbleology franchisee?

Fortunately, you don't have to have experience of managing a food business to be eligible to run a Bubbleology bubble tea franchise. This franchisor is simply looking for people with excellent operational, team-building and customer service skills. The typical Bubbleology franchisee will be a sophisticated entrepreneur with the skills, drive and passion to sell smiles, but take their franchise very seriously at the same time. Once you've signed your agreement, Bubbleology will be happy to review your business plan before you open your franchise.

In recent years, Bubbleology has supported several international outreach programmes such as the creation of water wells in Africa. Therefore, the brand also looks out for people who want to make an impact and give back to their community and the wider world.

The joining process

Once you've filled in the online application form, you'll receive a brochure detailing the franchise opportunities available at Bubbleology. Afterwards, you'll be given an initial phone interview which, if successful, will be followed by an invitation to attend the brand's Discovery Day. Here, you'll be presented with a Financial Information Memorandum pack and have the chance to raise any queries.

Next, you'll receive a more in-depth application form where you'll be able to finalise your franchise territory. Afterwards, if you satisfy the Bubbleology criteria for new franchises, you'll receive a letter of intent before you select your site and sign the franchise agreement. Bubbleology will also assist you in choosing the most appropriate location for your new franchise by providing metrics and guidance on how to select a site where there'll be sufficient footfall.

Starting your Bubbleology franchise

Once you've joined the Bubbleology network and set up your bubble tea franchise, you'll be part of a global family, with ongoing support and training from the word go. This will include visits to the franchisor's London headquarters, operational training, guidance on social media and PR, location-based coaching, and more.

All franchisees will be able to visit the London head office on a regular basis, so they can familiarise themselves with the business and the brands franchise ideas as quickly as possible. Plus, Bubbleology will provide regular in-depth analysis of your franchise's performance using key indicators to make sure your business is meeting the required standards.

What type of training and support will you receive at Bubbleology?

In return for the franchise fee, you'll become the owner and operator of your own Bubbleology brand for an initial five-year period, which can be extended for another five years in accordance to the franchise agreement. All corporate location-based training will take place for up to ten days, which will include guidance on the Bubbleology brand culture, on-the-job training, operations, and more. You'll also receive up to three days' assistance before you officially open your franchise at the Grand Opening.

In addition, Bubbleology will provide detailed manuals and handbooks, full operational training, ongoing operational assistance such as operational store surveys, access to reports and metrics, advice on marketing and strategy development, and access to the brand's central supply chain distribution.

Equipment and ingredients

Bubbleology will provide specialist equipment that's been tried and tested so you can produce the best tea in your bubble tea franchise. The franchisor also has proprietary ingredients and requires all franchises to use the same tea products from its dedicated supply chain ensure quality standards are always met and costs are still kept to a minimum. This also saves you the time and hassle of having to select equipment and ingredients yourself.

Financial information

The initial franchise fee for a Bubbleology franchise is £23,000. Franchisees also have to pay a monthly royalty fee of 5%, as well as a 1% contribution to the network's marketing fund, which will enable Bubbleologys head office to provide ongoing support and training. There's also an additional fee for the Bubbleology Mystery Shopper programme.

Youre also strongly recommended to have enough working capital to cover expenses associated with setting up your franchise, legal fees and moving costs.

If this sounds like the perfect opportunity, request an application form and discover what a Bubbleology bubble tea franchise could do for you.

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