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Munir Noorali has launched his own Kumon franchise unit, after his wife made the leap.

Having spent nearly 30 years working in IT, Munir Noorali decided to look for a career change. Hed always been interested in entrepreneurship, and spent some time learning more about his wifes business. To help get some insight into the franchise model, he took up a role as Head Assistant there and developed a passion for supporting children on their educational journeys.

As part of the job, Noorali helped students work out their current grade level in order to help them improve their skills effectively over time. Kumon also works to instil a love of learning into its members, so they not only boost their grades but their satisfaction levels too. Noorali and his wife were even able to help their own son improve his skills.

It wasnt long before Noorali was keen to launch his own unit of the education franchise. Now, hes the proud owner of the Kumon Math and Reading Center for the Fremont Central District region in California. Noorali explained how his time at his wifes Kumon centre encouraged him to start his own business:

I witnessed first-hand how Kumons curriculum has helped countless students make tremendous progress quickly at my wifes centre. I am looking forward to having that same impact through my centre, as well as working with my wife to create additional confident and successful individuals in our community.

He continued:

Kumon is unique because its able to help both students that are struggling, along with students that are excelling. I hope to become an asset to my community in creating a safe space to learn.

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