The reasons why healthy feet franchising are essential for your business and your community

Healthy Feet Mobile Clinic franchise
Healthy Feet Mobile Clinic Take a step closer to running your own successful foot care business, where you can enjoy owning your own territory and serving your community.

The demand for routine foot care is ever increasing and you will be given full training to gain a qualification that will give you the skill and knowledge to start your own business in this growing and thriving sector.Healthy Feet Mobile Clinic is a unique franchise that is meeting the needs of an ageing population by providing a home visiting service to individuals homes, and care homes.

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Do you want to provide a care service but need daytime working hours? 

Would you like to join a franchise where you can make a real difference? 

Managing your own Healthy Feet Mobile Clinic means you are providing a much-needed health care service in your community, and you have the freedom of working the hours you wish!

Despite this, foot care is often not the first franchise considered.

We may not think of home visiting foot care as essential. That is until we are of an age where we can no longer bend down to reach and cut our toenails! We are on our feet every single day, standing and walking. Foot care is more important than ever. 

That is just one factor why the mobile foot care Healthy Feet provide is an essential service with growing success.


But here are a few more!

  • The dexterity and strength in our hands become weaker as we age, so even if we can reach our toes, using nail clippers is not easy. Vision is often impaired, and looking after our feet becomes more difficult.
  • Thickened nails are a common condition as we age and are why the toenails can become arduous to manage.
  • Poor balance and posture can cause corns and callus, which are painful and uncomfortable when left untreated.
  • Skin and nail disorders require attention, particularly as we age, because our resistance to infections plummets, meaning the onset of skin conditions, ulcers or cellulitis increases. 
  • Self-care and hygiene can be other factors. Because as we age, more help is needed to manage daily tasks.


The need for foot care is essential, and demand is growing as we age as a population with 13 million feet to be cared for right now.

Our public homecare is under financial pressures and staff shortages, especially after a strenuous Covid-19 period. The good news? It means ample opportunity to help your community while seeing franchise success.

By looking after patient's feet and providing nail and skin care, Healthy Feet Mobile Clinic is improving patients' well-being, giving them back comfort, improving their balance, and ensuring that infections are rare. But to achieve such a feat, you need a practitioner's qualification, which we offer!

Honestly, the smiles never stop when the carer arrives.

Healthy Feet's visits mean prevention and cure, and the need to help look after feet has never been greater. This is why the service we provide is so valuable! 

Take part in the success of Healthy Feet Mobile Clinic with only £14,995 total investment and £9,995 franchise fees. Then you can expect a revenue of £45,000 yearly after just two years!

Contact one of our experts through our Healthy Feet Mobile Clinic franchise profile page to discover more about this promising franchise opportunity!

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