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Promedica24 has shared how its services can help stop loneliness at one of the most difficult times of the year, the festive period.

For lots of us, the festive period is one of the most exciting and happy times of the year. However, for many of the older people in our communities, it can be a very isolating time, particularly if friends, family and neighbours arent around to break up the loneliness of the days. Unfortunately, it seems as though lots of people deal with feelings of isolation year round, too.

Senior care franchise Promedica24 feels strongly that this shouldnt be the case, writing on its blog:

Of all the statistics that Age UK produced in their 2018 pre-Christmas campaign, the one about 52 percent of those 500,000 older people saying that loneliness had become a normal part of life is perhaps the most distressing. At Promedica24 we believe loneliness should NEVER become a normal part of life, and we pride ourselves on providing services that are incredibly effective at reducing the loneliness so many older and disabled people feel.

It went on to explain how detrimental loneliness can be to our health.

The Telegraph reported on a year-long study from Copenhagen University Hospital that looked at the health outcomes of 13,443 people whod had a heart attack. The study found that women who described themselves as lonely were three times more likely to die within a year of the attack than those with an active social life; and men in the same position were twice as likely to die within a year.

Promedica24 advised families who believe their loved ones are lonely to get in touch and find out how its services can help to alleviate loneliness all year round.

If your family member is lonely, we have a range of care provision that can help. Our companionship service is a great place to start its for anyone who doesnt want to be alone and needs some light support at home. Find out more about The value of companionship. We are also partners with The Silver Line and would recommend their services, while Age UK also provide information and support for lonely older people.



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