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Promedica24 held a training exercise to show its young staff the impact of being elderly and disabled.

Promedica24 has been teaching its compassionate care staff how to have even greater empathy for its clients by making them experience what its like to have physical limitations.

Many of the senior care franchises clients struggle with mobility, sight or hearing problems due to their age and the Kielce branch of Promedica24 in Poland wanted its staff to have a better understanding of how they feel. So, each member of staff was given the opportunity to spend a few minutes wearing a special suit that simulates what it feels like to have limited mobility, sight and hearing.

Magdalena Stepien from Promedica24 explained why the franchise decided to give its staff the unique experience.

It allows us to understand what it's like to be an older person. Thanks to this, we will treat the older people close to us, like our parents and grandparents, with greater empathy and sensitivity.

And the experience wasnt a pleasant one for many of the staff. Care coordinator Karolina said:

Honestly, I just put on this suit, and I'd already like to take it off. I feel bad, I have stiff knees and elbows. I cant hear, and I cant see because of the headphones and glasses. It's a bit frightening, because that could happen to any of us one day.

By letting its staff experience the discomfort of physical limitations, its hoped the exercise will encourage them to continue delivering compassionate and patient care to each client. The live-in care franchise prides itself on providing the highest quality of care. It keeps its clients safe, secure and happy by providing them with 24-hour assistance from a friendly, specially chosen carer.

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