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Promedica24 helped to make the brilliant Daisy Gallop’s last days comfortable with its expert round the clock care services.

Promedica24 has been paying tribute to one of its clients who lived a colourful life. Daisy Gallop, also known as ‘Babe’, was a famous local figure in her hometown of Southampton for her spirited refusal to deliver Dwight Eisenhower’s mail directly to him.

She met him when he was an American Army General visiting Southampton Docks with his troops and declined to break the rules and give him his mail when he asked for it, telling him to wait like everyone else. Ms Gallop also got to meet Winston Churchill and King George when they visited Southampton to inspect damage to the city caused by German air raids.

Ms Gallop was keen to retain her independent spirit even when her health began to fail her, so turned to live-in care agency Promedica24 to help her remain in her own home. The carers offered her support with everything from personal care to providing welcome company during the day, allowing Ms Gallop to carry on living her life to the very fullest.

Mark Muller, a regional partner for the senior care franchise, was quoted during Ms Gallop’s life as saying:

“She is an amazing woman with a great sense of humour who has clearly led a very exciting life. Our carers have built up a strong rapport with Babe and she’s always a pleasure to visit. We’re delighted that we could help her to live the independent life she so cherishes. It truly is an incredible achievement.”

Promedica24 has more than 100 franchisees across the UK and Europe and provides high-quality live in care that allows clients to retain their dignity while giving them the extra assistance they need.

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