New Blossom Home Care franchisee Fiona Louise leaps into action after successful CQC registration

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Blossom Home Care’s new onboarding process for the home care services sector seems to be exceeding expectations! While the process for a Care Quality Commission (CQC) registration usually takes about 16 weeks, the franchisor is able to speed it up. As such, Fiona Louise was able to obtain hers within half the time. 

The main reason that Blossom Home Care can receive approved registrations so much faster is that they received a positive rating from the CQC. It’s also another reason the onboarding process for new franchisees is so successful. 

When asked how Fiona found the CQC application process, she replied: 

“Initially, I found the CQC process long due to the current wait time. However, I was so relieved when I received my date and then registration to be the nominated individual and registered manager. The process was well worth the wait and wasn't anywhere near as daunting as I thought it would be, thanks to Blossom.” 

She was also asked how the support from head office was: 

“Fantastic! John and Fiona have both been so supportive throughout the whole process. Even today, nothing is ever too much trouble. John helps with the business side of things and Fiona helps with all the care aspects – it’s the perfect combination.  

“They also have a great franchise manager who is always available, as well as a good external support team. I have learnt so much in such a short space of time; I am very pleased I chose Blossom Home Care to open a franchise with.” 

If you missed the news, there’s an opportunity for someone to become a master franchisee for the franchise for Ireland. Perhaps now is the best time to apply for this valuable Blossom Home Care position! 

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