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Moving Home Made Easy Housing market activity has been at a record high since the summer. New home building targets remain at 300,000 per year and virtual viewings mean there is nothing to stop people moving even in lockdown. What a great time to start your very own removals business then!

Our Business model is a unique 5 Star Business model where our franchisees provide the UK home moving market with a one-stop shop.

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Moving Home Made Easy has offered insight into why you should consider hiring ‘packers’ if you move into a new property. 

Trained ‘packers’ usually work for removal companies and can ease the process of moving home if you’re stuck for time. While it might take you a week to pack up your entire household, these experienced professionals could do it in a weekend, according to Moving Home Made Easy. 

Although hiring packers can cost between £400 and £2,000, they can provide an extremely useful service for those who can afford to splash some extra cash. 

Many people don’t realise packers can do more than just putting your belongings into a van. The moving franchise listed the services they can offer, from providing boxes to disassembling large items. In the blog post, Moving Home Made Easy also highlighted the benefits of using professional packers: 

You can delegate the physical task if you have a disability or mobility issues, allowing others to safely pack away your possessions without having to risk hurting yourself

Professional packers can usually organise your belongings faster than you can, as they have years of experience getting the job done quickly

It can take the stress away from an already tense situation - there’s lots to organise with a house move, and handing over packing duties gives you time to focus on your family

Packers know how to store items safely and get them to your new home in one piece, saving you frustration and heartache further down the line

We’ve just provided an outline of the detailed article created by Moving Home Made Easy. If you’d like to read the full piece, visit the franchise’s blog page on its website. 

You can also find out how you can launch your own Moving Home Made Easy franchise business on its profile page, linked above.

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