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Metro Rodís sister brand has been sharing how it feels franchisees should be supported during their journey.

The managing director of Metro Rodís sister brands has been setting out what franchisees should expect from their franchisors. Tim Harris, who is the head of ChipsAway and Ovenclean, explained how, despite the franchise route to becoming your own boss requiring hard work, it has a 93 percent success rate across the industry.

He explained that good franchisors, like drainage franchise Metro Rod and its sister brands, should offer you all the information you need to make the right choice before you take the leap. And once you invest, the franchisors should continue to offer you help and tailored support throughout your time with the business. Harris elaborated:

ďAll franchises offer different levels of business support and there is no one size fits all approach. However, it is key to find a franchisor who can offer a support network that you can utilise to help you run your business effectively. As a business owner, you must wear many hats Ė from industry expert, through salesperson, to accountant, marketer and everything in between Ė and having guidance and experience to draw from can be invaluable.Ē

And, it seems this commitment to offering franchisees exceptional support is one shared by all franchises in the Franchise Brands group, as Metro Rod franchisee Tricia Craig sang her franchisorís praises. She explained how she still enjoys the same level of support as she did when she first opened for business, almost 20 years ago.

ďThe support you get at Metro Rod is second to none Ė I can ask for guidance and advice if I need it, and there will always be someone willing to help. I sell the reputation of Metro Rod to new clients along with the guarantee that we have a network of franchises that can help if required.Ē


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