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The expert plumbing franchise recently shared a blog on its website which revealed the eight tell-tale indicators.

Metro Plumb is, as you might imagine, well-equipped to advise on all things plumbing. In one of the plumbing franchise’s latest blog posts, Metro Plumb offered readers advice on when the time is right to replace their boilers and plumb for a new one. Apparently, there are eight key indicators to look out for, and if any apply, it’s probably time to pull the trigger and invest in a new boiler:

  • Your boiler is over ten years old - “General guidance suggests that boilers over 10 years old should be replaced. Boiler technology evolves, making older models less efficient, less effective [and less safe].”

  • Your boiler regularly breaks down - “If you’re constantly calling out a boiler engineer to check what’s wrong with your heating or hot water, your boiler might be at the point it needs replacing.”

  • The pressure on your boiler is always dropping - “With pressurised heating systems, small leaks in the system will cause the system pressure to drop. Pressure relief safety valves can also release water from the system. But if neither of these are the cause of pressure drops, you’ll need to have your boiler assessed.”

  • Your boiler or radiators are noisy - “Any banging, gurgling, and kettling noises from your boiler or radiators indicate something is wrong.” If an engineer can’t sort things, a new boiler might be needed.

  • The boiler isn't energy efficient - As touched on above, “One of the reasons older boilers should be replaced is their energy credentials. [...] Replacing your inefficient boiler with a newer A-rated version could save you between £45 and £300 a year.”

  • The flame in your boiler is yellow - “A healthy boiler flame should be bright blue. If it’s burning yellow, it’s a sign that the combustion of the gases is incorrect which could cause a carbon monoxide problem.”

  • It’s hard to find replacement parts for your boiler - “If your boiler needs replacements, but it’s difficult to find the parts, it’s a sign the boiler is no longer fit for purpose. Rather than paying out over the odds for hard-to-find parts, it would pay dividends to invest in a new boiler.”

  • It just doesn’t do the job - Eighth and finally, “If your house never feels warm enough, if the heating takes ages to reach the selected temperature, or you’re always running out of hot water, it could be time to replace your boiler.”

If you’re interested in joining a network full of informed, hard-working plumbing professionals, you can franchise with Metro Plumb for a minimum initial investment of £5,000, with a total investment cost of £10,000. Find out more about starting your franchising journey with the company via its profile page, which is linked above.

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