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Mathnasium is a learning centre specialising in math and aims to transform a students attitude and capabilities in Mathematics.

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Mathnasium franchisees host a games night to show more children how fun maths can be.

A Mathnasium location in Murfreesboro, Tennessee has been making maths fun for children by hosting free maths game nights. The first was held on Saturday 11th of August and kids who came along were treated to pizza as well as lots of fun maths-themed games.

Games included Connect Four with an extra educational twist, maths-themed card games and a spin-the-wheel game with questions that gave children the chance to rack up points. At the end of the evening, the lucky guest with the most points was treated to a special (and secret) prize for their hard work. A huge A+ mascot added to the fun, as it roamed around the centre and encouraged kids to get stuck in to the problem-solving games.

Owners Kristi and Andrew Yates already owned two branches of the maths tutoring franchise in Chatanooga when they decided to take the plunge and open another location in May 2018. Yates explained how the tutoring centre offers free assessments to each child before embarking on a tutoring programme, so that parents can see what level their child is starting at and track their progress. After that, children are welcome to visit the centre any time they feel they need help with maths.
"It's like a gym membership. Monthly members can come in anytime that we're open," explained Kristi.

The game night was such a success that the Mathnasium franchise is already planning its next event for September, which will be open to the public and give anyone a chance to compete for even more spectacular prizes.

With over 900 centres across more than 10 different countries, Mathnasium brings its unique maths tutoring programme to children from the age of five to 18. It aims to take the mystery out of maths and to not only make it clear and easy to understand, but invoke a sense of excitement among its students.

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