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The pupils of the Kumon Frome Study Centre get together at Oakfield School to celebrate the students’ achievements.

Kumon pupils have made excellent progress in Maths and English and their achievements were recognised by the local community on Sunday 17th November. The students and their families attended an awards ceremony and took part in a Book Swap to find something new to practise their literacy skills. They also enjoyed some well-deserved fun on a bouncy castle!

The awards are intended to celebrate the achievements of children who are excelling above their age level and those who have developed in independence, confidence and concentration.

The children aged between 10 and 13 are all working at least three years above the expected level thanks to the education franchise. Some are at GCSE standard while others have even reached A-Level standard for Maths and English.

An award was presented to Olaf Potoniec, who is currently in Year 5 and has reached the start of GCSE level of calculation, after only being on the Kumon Maths programme for two years.

Olaf’s mother, Anna, said, “it was amazing to watch Olaf receiving his G Award. We are very proud of him, his hard work and discipline. A big thank you to the Kumon staff for their support and help.”

Olaf is not the only student to excel to an incredible level for his age. Kaide Wong received recognition for reaching level J of the Kumon Maths programme, which is the equivalent of A-Level standard algebra.

Kaide’s mother, Susan, is also delighted at her son’s progress, saying: “we are proud of the hard work and commitment that Kaide has put towards his Kumon and appreciate the support and recognition that Kumon has given him.”

Kumon Frome Instructor, Susan Gatward, praises the programme’s success. She commented: “the high-level awards are something any child can achieve, over several years, given a commitment to daily study. Excelling beyond school level is not reserved for the gifted and talented. The majority of children receiving these awards either began studying Kumon at a young age or enrolled because they had lost confidence in their maths or English. Our aim is to support each of them to develop the skills to begin studying ahead of the level expected for their age in around 12 months of daily study. As we enter our 14th year in Frome we have more students ahead of school level than ever before!’’

Join the Kumon franchise today and help children reach their true potential.

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