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Kumon has been promoting the benefits of learning a musical instrument to its network of students.

Education franchise Kumon has been explaining how playing a musical instrument is beneficial for children. Studies show there is a correlation between that and a childs academic success, as the neural and cognitive mechanisms associated with improved literacy skills are linked with that of improved musical skills.


There are a range of other benefits to playing a musical instrument that help with a childs academic success besides strengthening reading skills. Playing instruments teaches the concept of applying skills and practising which children require in other academic areas and exam revision. It can also develop a childs multitasking abilities, as playing a musical instrument means processing sight, sound and touch all at once.

However, learning a musical instrument doesnt come quickly or naturally for some. This means musical skills require discipline and dedication before children see results, which goes for many other subject areas in academia as well. Not only that, children who play instruments usually see an increase in confidence and the chance to interact with others, as well as the pleasure of knowing that playing music can provide happiness for so many people. Learning to play an instrument is not only mentally stimulating, but emotionally too.

Kumon provides children with similar skills that learning to play an instrument does that they can use throughout the rest of their lives and apply to various different situations.

Dedication to a subject, whether it be music or maths, shows commitment and helps develop confidence in children as they see how hard work can pay off. It also helps children become more independent in the future.

Kumon offers a range of franchise opportunities worldwide to provide children with these exact skills and experiences to improve their futures from as little as a £3,000 investment




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