Jam Coding’s new franchisees discuss the amazing support they’ve received

Jam Coding franchise
Jam Coding Teach the Future! Operate in a booming sector with earnings of over £100k. This fun, recession and future proof franchise gives you the chance to make a real difference.

All franchisors say they provide support, but few actually start you off with sales like Jam Coding do. No teaching or IT experience required to establish a scalable business.

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The franchise recently sat down for video interviews with new franchisees Shane, Bushra, Ndubuisi, Ahmed and Tricia, asking them about the franchisor support they’d received since investing.

When asked what support looked like as a Jam Coding franchisee, each had their own glowing answer to give the computer franchise. In Shane’s words, “We are relatively early in the process, but even so, we’ve had loads of support.” Jam Coding, in Shane’s experience, has been encouraging, helpful and thorough at every step of the way. This is seconded by Bushra, who expressed that she had been given “just enormous amounts of information” and that Jam Coding franchisor Roger had “gone through a lot of it in detail with us”.

Ndubuisi has also enjoyed a high standard of support, and described Roger as being “very warm, very friendly and it’s not a put on for him - this is who he is”. Roger has been able to make Ndubuisi feel truly comfortable, and ready to put his best foot forward as a franchisee, and Ndubuisi is “so grateful for all of the support”.

Ahmed felt that the support had been readily available and the training had been comprehensive. Discussing all that he’d learned from Roger, he said, “He has given me a lot of information from the business side, the financials, the HR, the recruitment. Every aspect of the business has been well-thought-out, down to the individual lesson plan. I’m really impressed. It’s eased my nerves a lot. This is out of my comfort zone, but the training and support I’ve had so far is making me feel confident I can deliver.”

Finally, Tricia backed up these five star reviews of Jam Coding’s franchisee support provision. She said, “The support has been great. From the outset - really, from my first inquiry - I’ve felt very much in contact with somebody. There’s always somebody there to discuss any questions, doubts, or hesitations that I’ve had.” If you’d like to be as well-supported as these five franchisees, you can find out more about franchising with Jam Coding via the franchise’s profile page, which you’ll discover linked above.

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