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According to the computer franchise teaching coding workshops to kids across the UK, there are three main ways in which coding helps the planet.

Coding is a necessary part of life in 2021 for many reasons, and an in-demand skill across almost every professional industry. But did you know that coding can also help the environment? According to the computer franchise, there are three main reasons for this: The internet (built on codes), scientific research (enhanced by codes) and wildlife corridors (designed by codes).

On point one, Jam Coding invites us to think back to the beginning of lockdown. “Thanks to the internet and various online programs, many of us were given the opportunity to work from home. The world went quiet, the streets were empty and all meetings were held online in our favourite pyjama suits.” During this time, many environmental benefits were felt. Air pollution was reduced, fuel consumption dropped and paper production slowed. Wildlife even returned to abandoned habitats, encouraged by the lack of human presence. There’s never been clearer evidence of how remote work can help the planet.

On point two, Jam Coding talks about climate scientists, who these days “rely on technology to collect, investigate and analyse data for quicker, more accurate results”. When codes produce faster results, climate research can continue to advance, and scientists can make more headway against the many “environmental issues the world is facing today”.

Finally, Jam Coding reveals the role of coding in wildlife corridors, which bridge habitats that “would otherwise be separated by human territory”. Jam Coding explains that, by using carefully coded computer software, “Ecologists collect and analyse data on animal habits and movement patterns, then use computational methods to design wildlife corridors, creating safe passage between habitats.” Find out more about investing with the franchise network teaching kids these planet-saving skills via Jam Coding’s profile page, linked above.

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