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The franchise recently explored the struggles of disposing all items safely in the waste management industry, and explained how the risks could be better controlled.

Jackson Fire and Security has worked tirelessly for years to offer safety solutions to its customers. From emergency lighting to fire extinguishers, the security franchise knows the risks, and understands what it takes to mitigate them. According to a recent blog post from the expert network, one of the biggest industries struggling to meet fire safety standards is the waste disposal and management sector.

A study of challenges in the aforementioned sector “revealed that lithium-ion batteries are responsible for almost half of the UK’s waste fires, with an estimated cost of around £158 million to the UK economy”. In the words of Jackson Fire and Security, “It’s yet another issue that the industry has to factor in, in a sector where fires have already caused major levels of disruption. This year alone has seen a spate of fires in waste processing facilities and landfill sites.”

Back in April, a landfill site in Greater Manchester was the location of “an extremely challenging fire to bring under control, resulting in the declaration of a major incident, as fire crews worked to extinguish a blaze estimated to be around the size of a football pitch”. Thankfully, the site mainly contained household waste and didn’t pose a serious health risk to nearby residents but, as you can imagine, a fire this size in a similar location with a higher volume of dangerous waste could have been devastating on a much wider scale.

The Fire Protection Association has been urging action, and Jackson Fire and Security is in agreement, suggesting that certain clients should better control the associated risks. The franchise explained that, “Waste processing companies and landfill sites must carry out regular fire risk assessments, ensuring that appropriate measures remain in place to reduce the identified risks. There are many angles to consider: from whole site considerations, like community and environmental impacts, through to the more specific details around waste storage and processing.”

All potential ignition sources should be identified. Materials shouldn’t be stored too high or too close (as this will “enable fire to spread rapidly”). Fire detection, fire suppression and fire fighting equipment should be available and suitable across the premises, “fit for purpose and maintained according to its service schedule”. Shut-down procedures should aim to reduce the risk of fire outside of working hours. Finally, staff should be well trained on all fire safety and fire response procedures. Find out more about franchising with Jackson Fire and Security via the franchise’s profile page, linked above.

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