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This is a management franchise. Part of your role will be to recruit and manage a team of qualified fire and security engineers. You will also be responsible for developing commercial relationships and new business in your territory. No previous industry experience is required, you just need to have a strong sales background and the drive to grow a client base of repeat business service contracts. Full technical, marketing and accounting support is provided by the Franchisor.

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The security franchise recently shared an article on its website re-emphasising the importance of carrying out physical security risk assessments in the workplace.

Jackson Fire and Security understands that there’s been a keen emphasis on businesses protecting themselves from online risk and cyber crime lately, but though the security franchise knows these considerations are crucial, it also took the time recently to remind its customers that so, too, are physical dangers and the security measures that can protect against them. In order for companies to fully understand their risks, they should conduct a security risk assessment.

In the words of Jackson Fire, ““The first step is to work out what are the main types of risks faced by your business. It’s likely they will be fairly diverse and while some might be comparatively minor (low-value theft from employees for example, or small-scale acts of vandalism) they could also be far more serious. Threats could include theft of high-value items, sabotage and violent acts that could potentially include terrorism.”

For smaller properties, this will be more straightforward. But for a larger site? The security franchise recommends starting at the site’s outer perimeter and working inwards - that way, you won’t miss anything. As you complete the assessment, Jackson Fire and Security listed the following criteria to be considered/questions to be asked:

  • Who can access your premises?
  • What could draw the attention of criminals?
  • How significant are the property’s vulnerabilities and what is the likelihood of them materialising? 
  • What gaps might there be in your existing security arrangements and systems? 
  • Has equipment been well-maintained, or could it have deteriorated and no longer offer the necessary level of protection? 
  • Are windows and doors in a good state of repair and easily lockable? 
  • Can valuables be readily locked away, or at least kept out of sight? 
  • What about surveillance? 

Find out more about a franchise investment with this experienced security franchise via its profile page, which you’ll discover linked above.

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