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Healthy Feet Mobile Clinic Take a step closer to achieving both a qualification and a successful business, no experience necessary.

This rewarding franchise enables you to run your own thriving foot care business by providing an essential service to your community. There is no experience necessary, you will receive full training and gain a recognised qualification.

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Healthy Feet has created an informative guide explaining why everyone should check their feet regularly. 

Most people don’t give much thought to the health of their feet, but the clinic and beauty franchise is hoping to change attitudes, particularly among the elderly community. In a recent blog post, Healthy Feet explained,

“Looking after a loved one's feet is really important as they get older. If they can no longer take care of them themselves due to mobility or other challenges, there are things you can do to assist them.” 

The franchise revealed four key ways readers could support their older family members by looking after their feet. 

Firstly, regular foot checks are important. You don’t need to visit a specialist; instead, just look out for corns, callus, sores or signs of infection on both the top and soles of the feet. As the franchise explains, these issues can be “difficult to detect unless we’re actively looking for them”. 

Secondly, you should encourage older people to wear socks and slippers or shoes to protect their feet. Make sure the footwear is supportive and, if the person suffers with swollen ankles or legs, invest in comfortable, seamless socks.

Next, help them improve their circulation by moving their feet regularly. Take a short walk or encourage them to elevate their feet, stretch their ankles and wiggle their toes.

Finally, the clinic suggests readers consider consulting a foot health practitioner on a regular basis. Companies like Healthy Feet can cut and file toenails and check for any problems.

The franchise is on hand to help people who need extra help looking after their feet - just visit its website to get in touch and book an appointment.

If you’d like to join the Healthy Feet network, visit its profile page, linked above, for more information.

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