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Mathnasium is a learning centre specialising in math and aims to transform a students attitude and capabilities in Mathematics.

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A high school senior from California has been sharing his gift for numbers with his struggling peers.

A high school senior and certified Maths whizz has been sharing his talent with his peers at his local Mathnasium franchise.

Rohit Pulipaka, who is a senior at Hart High School in Canyon Country, Los Angeles, has been using his natural aptitude for maths to help his struggling peers since the ninth grade. He joined the team at his local Mathnasium to try and help every young person in the community understand maths better. Pulipaka called the job a perfect fit for him and explained why he felt the tutoring franchise offered a fantastic educational experience.

Our curriculum is super individualised and the methods that we teach are far better for the students, for them to be able to understand math problems conceptually.

He elaborated on his point, saying that struggling students can find themselves left behind in school as large class sizes make it difficult for teachers to give everyone the attention they need.

Whereas at Mathnasium, were able to give each student a personalized learning plan.

Pulipaka added that the supportive environment of the centre has given many students the confidence to ask questions they would normally be too shy to voice in class.

Discussing maths usually in a classroom setting is kind of daunting for the students. But at Mathnasium, its a really safe environment. They can ask any question and its perfectly fine, and well give them the help that they need.

Although the talented student has his sights set on continuing his education at a prestigious university like Stanford, Harvard or Cornell, he says that he will still help out at the Mathnasium centre during his summer breaks. His dedication to making maths easy for everyone is bound to have helped countless students in the local community, especially when combined with Mathnasiums specially developed techniques that make maths make sense.

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