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First Class Learning has been sharing how those looking to become their own boss can overcome fear with its franchise opportunity.

According to recent research, a massive 70 percent of us are too afraid to start our own business. However, First Class Learning has been sharing its top tips on how to overcome this fear to become your own boss.

Its first tip is to plan, prepare and execute your business strategy.

The key to any good plan is preparation. You wouldnt make any other major life choice without considering all your options, after all. Before thinking about your own business, think about someone who has taken the path ahead of you. Research and speak to this person. Not only might you receive some excellent advice, they may warn you of potential pitfalls. Theyve been there before you, so listen to their experiences.

The tutoring franchise then advised writing down your plans to make them feel concrete and help you refine them to make sure theyre going to work.

First Class Learning also advises the divide and conquer strategy is always the best one when it comes to a new business venture.

Starting a business can seem overwhelming. There is so much to do and then, once youve started, you need to actually run it! There is no denying that entrepreneurship is a challenge, but it can also be rewarding if you give it a chance. Remember, you own the business, you have the power to make it exactly what you want. Rather than thinking on the massive objective of starting your own business, break it down into smaller goals.

Its other tips included learning from past mistakes, ignoring those who dont believe in you and making sure your business venture is something youre really passionate about. Its final tip? Franchise the fear away. And by becoming a franchisee with First Class Learning, you can do just that.

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