Drain Doctor breaks down 10 items that might not belong down the drain

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The plumbing and drainage company recently shared a list of items that, though regularly put down the drain by some, could cause unexpected plumbing problems down the line. 

Drain Doctor drew on its 25 years of experience to tell readers of its blog that there were 10 things they should perhaps avoid putting down the drain. Firstly, they named fats, oil and grease, or “FOG”. According to the plumbing franchise, “FOG is a drainage technician’s worst nightmare. Not only does FOG stick to the inside of pipes, but will also solidify when chilled, eventually causing blockages and contributing to fatbergs.”

Next, Drain Doctor mentioned a few different food waste products, including coffee grounds (which aren’t totally water soluble), egg shells (which can damage the sink), pasta and rice (which can expand and clog pipes), and flour (which can coat pipes with thick, sticky paste). Drain Doctor then mentioned produce stickers, which might slip through the cracks while washing fruit and veg and can cause problems down the line because, “They are generally made of plastic and therefore do not biodegrade.” 

Drain Doctor also warned against flushing certain things down the toilet, especially condoms and toiletries. Of condoms, the franchise said that, “Flushed condoms will inevitably end up in the ocean where they can be mistaken for food by various sea creatures.” And of toiletries, whether it’s cotton balls and wet wipes or feminine hygiene products like tampons, many of these items can cause a clog or blockage.

Finally, the plumbing experts warned against medications and toxic chemicals making their way into the drains. Wastewater treatment plants “cannot remove medications from water which results in them entering the environment and even returning to our drinking water” and “can’t remove harmful chemicals that are contained in cleaning products, paints, oils and solvents”, either, meaning that, “These chemicals will eventually reach the ocean and pollute the environment.”


To join Drain Doctor’s important mission, solving plumbing and drainage issues across the UK, you can become a Drain Doctor franchisee. Find out more about the franchise via its profile page, which you’ll find linked above.

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