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It all started off with a dream - to serve fresh simits (circular bread, typically encrusted with sesame seeds) in Turkey and across the globe. Today, Simit Sarayis dream has come true; it has spread its brand and taste globally, and it continues to grow each day.

Every day Simi Sarayi bakes its delicious, freshly baked products with love and ensures that its customers are served the perfect beverage from its extensive range of international teas and freshly ground coffee. It now continues to be the Growing Global Brand of Turkey, with 11,000 employees across 23 countries, serving approximately one million hungry customers every day. Simit Sarayi promises to never compromise on taste or quality and to ensure our customers are served fresh, delicious food every day. An impressive 77 percent of customers come back for more after their initial visit to a Simit Sarayi store (IPSOS reports).

History of Simi Sarayi

Back in 2002, Simi Sarayi set out on its journey to bake with love at its first store in Istanbul. Then, in 2004, the company expanded to 18 stores across the city. Making innovations in the food industry, in 2005, Simi Sarayi founded the first simit factory in the world, which is certified by TBITAK. In 2007, it adopted a franchising system to spread the tasty simit smell to more destinations. Then, in 2010, the food franchise opened its first branch outside of Turkey- in the Netherlands. It then founded a cake factory and opened its first branch in Saudi Arabia in 2012. A year later, Simi Sarayi took its scrumptious simits to the sky, and began offering Airline Catering Services. In 2014, the food franchise expanded overseas, and opened its first store in New York and its second in Dam Square, Amsterdam. A year later, the simits reached the UK, with delicious aromas emerging from Oxford Street. And then, in 2017, a partnership was formed with Fawaz Alhokair Group.

Simi Sarayis Values

Being a world-renowned brand, it is important to take on board the societal pressures placed on food businesses. Therefore, the Simi Sarayi franchise has adopted innovative production and storage methods and is involved in the design and development of bread varieties, frozen bakery products, ice ream varieties and lemonade. Also, it strives to only cooperate with reliable and respected food suppliers with expertise in baked goods. The company strives to offer high standards in all areas: prioritising food safety, human health, and being environmentally friendly at all stages of production and also when serving the food.

Simit Sarayi Franchise

The Turkish caf and restaurant chain values its staff and franchisees, and therefore invests in its development- the company is constantly evolving so everyone involved in the brand can be proud to be part of the Simit Sarayi family. Becoming a Simit Sarayi franchisee means you can be part of an innovative brand that is a leader in the global baked goods sector.

Current Franchisees

A franchisee from the branch in Giessen, Germany believes that it is one of the top brands that operates with a franchising system in the country. Due to it successfully expanding across Turkey, the Middle East and Europe, they believed there was no better company to invest in and grow with. The franchisee from the Amsterdam branch got involved because they had observed what a national success story the brand was, and they wanted to be part of its growth in Holland. According to the franchisee from the Bursa branch in Turkey, they invested because of the unique products and experience offered to its customers. Also, they commend how supportive and helpful the franchising team is, and it is because of this helpful guidance from management that the Simit Sarayi franchise is a global success story. The Bursa franchisee bought the franchise in 2006, and now manages nine stores.

How Do I apply?

Potential franchisees can apply online on the Simit Sarayi website, then the franchising team will arrange a meeting to evaluate the investment. It will help you find the perfect location for your new store and propose its exclusive offer. Potential franchisees can feel supported by an extensive training programme prior to launch day.

When opening a Simit Sarayi franchise outside of Turkey, there are three potential franchise concepts to consider. A single store franchise concept is where you can franchise from a single store, in countries which already have stores and in locations close to already existing stores. Or, you can operate a multiple store franchise, which is where there is a minimum number of franchises that must be opened in a city, in countries which already have stores or in selected new countries. Lastly, the master franchise model is where exclusive franchising is given for a country, region or city to only one franchisee.

If you opt to open a single store franchise in the UK, there are three options for the type of store you can operate from. The street store concept is where you would open a store in close proximity to high-pedestrian traffic. This type of store is usually in city centres in squares and shopping streets. The store needs to be 150m2 or bigger, with the shop front measuring a minimum of eight meters. There should also be a 30m2 garden or terrace space. The shopping mall concept is where the store would be positioned in the ground floor of a shopping centre, near to the entrance door. The shop layout requirements are similar to the previous store concept. Finally, the kiosk concept is where the store is situated close to subway stations, universities, shopping malls, and gas stations with pedestrian access. The food offering can be reduced with this concept to suit the smaller location and its infrastructure. The store must be a minimum of 20m2 , with three areas of service.

Simit Sarayi Franchise Cost

There is no information available on the website about franchising costs but you can fill in the online application form to get more details about the franchise agreement.

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