Q&A: Does Simit Sarayi Franchise in the UK?

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Does Simit Sarayi franchise? That’s the question we ask in this article – read on to find out more about how you can get involved in the successful bakery business.

A simit is a type of circular bread, usually topped with sesame seeds. It originates from Turkey but is now loved across the globe – and Simit Sarayi is just one business selling the tasty treat. Every day, the bakery chain crafts its delicious products ‘with love’ and serves them alongside freshly ground coffee and a range of international teas.

Does Simit Sarayi franchise?

Yes! The Turkish café and restaurant chain prioritises investing in its development, so you can help take the brand to new territories. By doing so, you’ll be joining a leader in the global baked goods sector. We’ll take a closer look at the franchise model later on.

History of Simit Sarayi

Back in 2002, Istanbul saw the opening of the very first Simit Sarayi store. This initial venture proved incredibly successful; in fact, the business opened its 18th store in the city just two years later. In 2005, the company founded the world’s first simit factory, which was certified by TÜBITAK.

Simit Sarayi set up its franchise model in 2007, to help take its tasty bread to new countries. In 2010, its first international branch was opened in the Netherlands. Two years later, it expanded again by founding a cake factory and breaking into an additional territory; Saudi Arabia. The following year, it turned another corner and started offering airline catering services.

The food business continued its overseas expansion in 2014 by opening stores in Amsterdam and New York. A year later, the Simit Sarayi franchise reached the UK, and its delicious aromas tempted customers in at its Oxford Street location. In 2017, the brand established a partnership with Fawaz Alhokair Group.

Today, Simit Sarayi has a network of 11,000 employees across 23 countries, which serves around a million hungry customers every day. The brand puts quality first and strives to make sure its customers can always expect “fresh, delicious food every day”. Thanks to the business’ high standards, 77 percent of customers come back for more after their initial visit to a Simit Sarayi branch.

As a global brand, this inventive franchise understands the pressure on businesses in the food industry, and has put measures in place to make sure it never compromises on quality. As a result, Simit Sarayi is directly involved in the design and development of bread varieties, frozen bakery products, ice cream and lemonade.

What’s more, it’s launched innovative production and storage processes and only works with reliable and respected food suppliers with expertise in baked goods. As a result, the business can make sure it maintains high standards in all areas, from health and safety to sustainability and customer service.

Starting a Simit Sarayi franchise unit

  • Becoming a Simit Sarayi franchisee: When you open a Simit Sarayi franchise outside of Turkey, there are three different franchise concepts on offer. A ‘single store’ model allows franchisees to operate from one location in countries with existing branches nearby. A ‘multiple store’ concept requires investors to launch a number of business units in a particular city or country. Lastly, the ‘master franchise’ gives you exclusive rights to set up the Simit Sarayi franchise brand as multiple stores across a city, region or country.

If you opt for the single store concept, you’ll be able to choose between a further three models. You can open a ‘street store’ concept near to high levels of pedestrian traffic – typically in city centres, squares or shopping streets. This type of store should be at least 150 square metres in size, and the shop front must be a minimum of eight meters across. You’ll also need 30 square metres of garden or terrace space.

The ‘shopping mall’ concept gives franchisees the chance to launch a store on the ground floor of a shopping centre. The layout requirements are similar to the ‘street store’ concept. Finally, ‘kiosk concept’ branches are situated close to busy sites like tube stations, universities and petrol stations – and any location must have pedestrian access. In this model, the food offering can be reduced to suit the smaller location and its infrastructure, but the store must be at least 20 square metres in size.

  • How much you need to invest: Simit Sarayi hasn’t revealed how much it might cost to set up your own franchise location, as the cost will vary depending on the type of business model you choose. But, to find out more about the opportunity and discuss finances, fill out the business’ application form on its website.
  • What you get for your investment: Once you’ve sent off your application form via the Simit Sarayi franchise website, the business’ franchising team will arrange a meeting to evaluate the investment. You’ll benefit from the franchise’s expertise and guidance, as you’ll get help finding the perfect location for your store and the chance to enrol onto a comprehensive pre-launch training programme.

Start your own bakery franchise

Simit Sarayi offers investors the opportunity to launch their very own bakery business selling a unique product. You’ll be able to draw customers in with the smell of freshy cooked simit and encourage them to come back for more once they’ve tasted your delicious range of breads.

If the Simit Sarayi franchise isn’t quite right for you, don’t despair. We have a number of alternative bakery franchise options available. Click here to browse the businesses currently looking for new franchisees. From bagels to baguettes, doughnuts to cinnamon buns, there’s a product to suit every type of investor in the bakery sector.

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