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top pretzel franchises

You might think of pretzel franchises as belonging to a fairly niche category. But at a time when ‘food on the go’ is more important than ever, and consumers are more adventurous with foreign dishes, the pretzel sector holds a lot of promise. Here’s why you should consider starting a pretzel business, and how you can kickstart your venture.

You may never have sunk your teeth into a pretzel, but the satisfying snack is becoming increasingly popular here in the UK. Either consumed hard from a packet or soft from a takeaway food stall, this versatile snack has found plenty of fans on British soil.

Here’s why you could see fantastic returns with a pretzel franchise unit:

Why join a pretzel franchise?

1. The pretzel has a rich and interesting history.

This snack isn’t just a momentary food craze; it traces its origins back to the Catholic Church in the seventh century. Made from a simple mixture of water, flour and salt, pretzels could be consumed during Lent, when meat, dairy and eggs were off limits. Experts believe the word ‘pretzel’ comes from ‘pretiolas’, meaning ‘little rewards’, as monks used to give pretzels to their young pupils for reciting their prayers correctly. By the 17th century, the distinctive connecting loops of the pretzel had come to symbolise enduring love. You can tell your customers the story of the pretzel to give your business character and help it stand out on the high street.

2. Food on the go is in high demand.

As we lead increasingly busy lives, the ‘grab and go’ food trend is rising in popularity. Market analysis experts believe the UK’s ‘food to go’ sector will grow by 2.7 percent in 2020 to reach a total value of £21.7 billion (MCA and HIM).

There’s something for everyone. Pretzels come in a variety of sizes, textures and flavours. They can be stuffed with cheese and other delicious ingredients, and finished with tasty toppings. They can even be made without dairy to cater for vegan customers, helping you maximise your customer base.

3. You can make a good profit.

Pretzels are fairly inexpensive to make, so you should be able to create an impressive profit margin. Your final profit will depend upon the guidelines set by your franchisor, but most vendors sell pretzels for around £2 or £3. So, you may be able to reach a profit margin of up to 60 percent (Gold Medal).

Pretzel franchise opportunities

If you love pretzels and would like to launch your own business selling them, there are a couple of options available to you. We’ve listed the two most popular pretzel companies in the UK, along with an overview of their franchising criteria.

Mr. Pretzels

This takeaway pretzel business was created in Pennsylvania but now has an international customer base. It uses a traditional Dutch recipe and only the finest quality ingredients. Once baked, the pretzels are hand-rolled and topped with sweet or savoury flavours before being sold.

  • Becoming a Mr. Pretzels franchisee: Mr. Pretzels currently offers franchise opportunities for investors interested in multi-unit development. There are a number of exclusive territories available across the world, as well as in England and Scotland. You’ll need to have multi-unit management experience and a track record of success in the retail industry to be considered as a Mr. Pretzels franchisee.
  • How much you need to invest: Mr. Pretzels is looking for investors with liquid assets of around £150,000 and a net worth of roughly £400,000.
  • What you get for your investment: Once you’ve joined this pretzel franchise, you’ll set up your own kiosk-style business. The flexibility of the brand’s model gives you the option to choose from a wide variety of possible locations, including shopping centres, airports and train stations. The franchise offers new investors support with everything from initial layout through to ongoing operations. You’ll also be able to rely on help with marketing and, of course, the grand opening.

Auntie Anne’s

Auntie Anne’s was established in 1988 when founder Anne Beiler paid for a stall in a local Pennsylvania farmers market. After seeing success with her signature soft pretzels, she started to bake more and used the money to fund her husband’s free family counselling sessions in the local community.

  • Becoming an Auntie Anne’s franchisee: You’ll bake pretzels from scratch on site and sell them within 30 minutes. If you choose to invest in the network, you’ll join a network of 36 UK franchisees.
  • How much you need to invest: Investors looking to benefit from the Auntie Anne’s business model will need to make a total investment of £145,000. Of this, around £40,000 will go towards equipment and £75,000 will be spent on construction fees. All franchisees must also pay an ongoing eight percent royalty fee.
  • What you get for your investment: Auntie Anne’s supports its franchisees in all aspects of the company, providing training in business operations and practices, marketing and HR. Auntie Anne’s will also teach franchisees how to bake the perfect pretzel before the store opening, and offer ongoing support to make sure the business lives up to its full potential.

Get started on your franchise journey

There are only a couple of dedicated pretzel franchises offering investment opportunities in the UK at the moment. However, many other businesses in the food sector are looking to expand by taking on new franchisees.

Browse our full selection of takeaway franchises to see how you can benefit from the ‘grab and go’ culture in the UK. Our opportunities range from Italian street food stalls to bubble tea cafes, bagel businesses to coffee vans, so you should be able to find the ideal franchise for you.

Alternatively, use the main menu to find opportunities in the wider food industry or other sectors.

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