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The home care sector is one of the fastest growing markets in the country and an excellent investment opportunity for any potential franchisee. Most home care agencies can be operated remotely and allow for flexible working arrangements. Here, we take a look at the industry as a whole, as well as five of the most reputable names in the sector.

Starting a care agency from home

One of the most appealing features of a care agency is the fact that you can manage it remotely. This means that you can start the business from the comfort of your very own home, lowering overheads and allowing for a far more flexible work schedule. For many business-orientated individuals, this is an incredibly attractive prospect, as it will enable you to balance your personal and professional lives in a much more efficient manner.

However, its important to consider whether youre well suited to working from home. Not everyone thrives in the freedom afforded to you when you're working from home and operating as your own boss. Some people need structure and oversight to succeed. If that's you, a home care franchise may not be the best option.

Care home agency whats required?

To run a care agency from home, you'll need to develop a diverse array of skills and train yourself in a wide range of disciplines. While your franchisor will help you to improve in most of these respects by enrolling you on a thorough training regime, youll need to bring some basic attributes to the table.

Most franchisors will expect you to be able to self-motivate and will demand that you demonstrate drive, determination, and dedication to the franchise. Some will only accept candidates that have previous management experience, whereas others will look for basic business leadership skills. Though every franchisor will demand a different set of key skills from their franchisees, most will want to ensure that applicants are able communicators and capable of leading their team.

The home care sector

In recent years, the home care market has grown by an incredible amount. Estimates now value the sector at £5.2 billion, with this figure due to increase as the countrys increasingly ageing population pushes demand higher and higher. By 2024, over 65s will constitute more than 20% of the UK population, and there will be more over 65s than under 15s. This means that demand for home care services will continue to increase, making the care sector far more extensive and more profitable.

Demand is also growing because people are living longer. As expected lifespans increase, the elderly need more care, and there's a greater interest in home services. No one wants to spend the last few decades of their life in a care home or hospital, and most people would opt to receive care in their homes if possible.

In response to the growing demand for services, a number of franchised home care agencies have emerged as leaders in the industry. Below, we take a look at five of the biggest names on the franchised home care agency scene.

Radfield Home Care

Established in 1982, Radfield Home Care started out as a single care home. The founders of the Radfield franchise brand grew up in the care home and, having experienced what good healthcare looks and feels like, decided to build a franchise network that could provide excellent standards of care across the UK.

To become a Radfield franchisee, a total investment of around £80,000 is required. This gives you access to all the essential franchise systems, an extensive training programme, and ongoing support from the experienced franchisor team. As one of the most prestigious brands in home care franchising, Radfield is an exciting business proposition.

Bluebird Care Agency

Bluebird has recently been voted the British Franchise Association's (bfa) Franchisor of the Year for 2017. This was given for the franchises high-quality employee support, its emphasis on innovation, and its long-standing commitment to ethical franchising. Having started as a small family business in 2004, the award marks Bluebirds arrival on the national home care market and its emergence as one of the biggest brands around.

Typically, a £115,000 investment is necessary to become a Bluebird franchisee. This will provide you with all the working capital you need, as well as funds for uniforms for your staff, IT supplies, and access to all of the franchise's digital systems. The franchisor's training programme is second to none, and their marketing guidance has also been recognised as incredibly useful.


Promedica24 is a home care agency that provides its customers with 24-hour care in a variety of contexts. Whether its emergency care, short-term or long-term care, the franchise aims to offer its customers expert medical services, a helping hand, and companionship.

To become a franchisee, you'll need to invest around £25,000. This includes both the franchise fee and the working capital required to get the business off the ground. Training, access to all franchise systems, and ongoing support are all provided, too.

Heritage Healthcare

Heritage Healthcare began life in 2008, in the Redcar and Cleveland region of the North East of England. Since then, it's opened various other offices across the country and expanded its services to reach more customers than ever before.

A total investment of approximately £96,000 is necessary to become a Heritage franchisee. In return for this investment, franchisees are enrolled on a 10-day induction course, provided with expert marketing support, and offered a staff induction pack, containing uniforms and ID badges, amongst other things.

Home Instead

Home Instead is a US import that boasts more than 1,200 franchisees in 14 countries. Having developed a large amount of experience in both franchising and the home care sector, it's now ready to expand across the UK and bring its expertise to bear on a rapidly growing market.

If youre considering becoming a Home Instead franchise, youll need to raise an investment of around £90,000. This will grant you access to an intensive training programme, an extensive support system, and marketing guidance.

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