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As Britainís food scene becomes ever more diverse, with food outlets serving cuisine from across the world on every street corner, British people are constantly being introduced to new and exciting flavours. For the increasingly time-strapped Brit, Greek food represents a quick and healthy alternative to other high street choices.

But Greece hasnít just won over the UK. Many Greek food outlets can be found across the world, particularly in the US. With the extensive variety of the Greek food market, from small wraps to larger cooked dishes, sold in sites ranging from fast food franchises to sit-down restaurants, Greek food can cater for every occasion.

Traditional Greek Food

Greece has a historic and very specific food culture. The Greek working day starts very early to accommodate an early departure before the worst of the midday heat. Many Greek workers now have a longer commute than in the past, travelling into cities or to towns further afield, which forces them to take a packed lunch with them or grab a bite-to-go during the working day. However, Greek workers traditionally travel home for lunch in the early afternoon, before returning later in the day.

The Greeks also savour their food, gathering as a family at home or in a local taverna for several hours, enjoying the social aspect of mealtimes.

Many people consider Greek cuisine to be one of the healthiest in the world, as meals are traditionally served with a side salad and include a range of vegetables and nuts. British and American fast food brands have often struggled to establish themselves in Greece, where the locals prefer their food fresh and served with vegetables.

The Greek diet consists of many different meats, and many Greeks arenít opposed to consuming offal, often eating an animalís heart, brain and eyeballs. With the recognisable Greek salad comprising tomatoes, olives and feta cheese, Greek food is influenced by Italian cuisine, as well as that of other neighbouring countries. Many dishes are seasoned with lemon, garlic and/or herbs.

Other favourites among the Greek community are filo pastry, used to make spanakopita (spinach pie) and baklava (sweet, nutty pastry), and pita bread, which is served alongside most dishes. Dunked in yoghurt or oil dips, or used to wrap up meat and vegetables into gyros or souvlakis, pita bread is an extremely versatile element of the Greek diet.

The Greeks also love their sweet treats, which are often associated with different holidays. For example, melomakarona (honey and walnut cookies) and kourabiethes (almond sugar cookies) are often baked and eaten at Christmas.

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Greek Fast Food Franchise

While there are several restaurant chains that offer the convenience of Greek fast food, there arenít many franchising opportunities in the UK. These are more commonly found in the US. Here are some examples:

The Great Greek Mediterranean Grill

This Greek food franchise has restaurants across America, in Colorado, Florida, Michigan, Nevada and Texas and is looking for franchisees as well as master franchisees. With more than 30 years of hospitality experience, the Great Greek Mediterranean Grill offers family-friendly restaurants that serve fresh, quality dishes. A £30,000 franchise fee and a £230,000-£300,000 total investment will give franchisees access to the companyís training programme that offers guidance on site location, fit-out, staff training and marketing.

Tazikis Cafe

Tazikis Cafe provides Greek food across America, from Oklahoma to Virginia, and Ohio to Florida. The brand is passionate about the authenticity of its food, and knocks down the walls between the kitchen and the dining area. The Greek franchise has kept up with the times and uses an online ordering platform to operate its customer reward programme and accept takeaway, delivery and catering orders.

Investors should ideally have previous franchising experience, and liquid assets of £380,000. A new Tazikis Cafe requires a site of 2,500-3,000 square feet, which can seat 80-100 customers, as well as 30+ square feet of outdoor space. Franchisees will receive training and support with site selection, accounting, marketing and new technologies.

Greek Food Franchise

There are no specific Greek restaurant franchises on the Point Franchise books, but there are plenty of opportunities for franchisees to invest in restaurants or takeaway outlets that offer healthy international dishes made with fresh vegetables.

Letís take a look at a couple:

Humpit Hummus

This is the only 100 percent plant-based food franchise in the UK. Offering hummus, pitas, falafel, salad, sauces, juices and hot and iced HUMPTEA, Humpit Hummus serves fresh and healthy food to the people of Sheffield, Leeds, York and Newcastle. A stuffed pita with hummus and falafel will please the time-poor, while a bowl of hummus and a pitta will suit those with time to dine in one of Humpit Hummusí restaurants.

Franchisees should have some experience in food or hospitality, and £70,000 will buy the brandís guidance on site selection, fit-out, products and marketing. The brand is going up and up in the world, and has the intention of launching three or four new stores in 2019, so hummus-lovers could look forward to a new Humpit Hummus branch serving up delicious dishes near them.

The Avocado Show

Despite only being launched in 2016, The Avocado Show has cultivated an enormous fanbase of eager customers desperate to sample the brandís unique, avocado-themed menu. Fans created a huge online buzz and camped in front of the first store before it even opened, and to this day, long queues of customers wait to be served. Eco-warriors need not worry, as all avocados are sustainably grown and picked, packed and transported in a socially responsible way.

Franchisees should pay £31,000 in franchise fees and be willing to make a total investment of £149,000. It is no surprise that The Avocado Show utilises a software system, POS system and online training programme to increase franchiseeís work efficiency, while further information regarding training and facilities will help franchisees to maximise their success as they continue on their Avocado Show journey.

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