Point Franchise Welcomes Luckys Franchise!

Luckys franchise
Luckys Luckys prides itself on producing the very best quality food menu in modern sites and operated by 1st class people.

The combination of such high quality ingredients and creative flair together with an understanding of customer needs, allows Luckys to create a continental style menu ranging from burgers, grilled meats to deserts and shakes all delivering great food options in your local neighbourhood. This drive and passion for delivering the best food products and services has been a direct result of years of investment in both systems/process and people and this passion and investment has now been carried forward into our approach to franchising.

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luckys-franchise-welcome-newsLuckys, at the right time, refined deliveries and takeaway and is thriving as a result with a distinct Instagrammable visual style to boot, growing through trusting customer word-of-mouth. Point Franchise welcomes Luckys with open arms!

Luckys winning delivery formula

From founder Hasan Habib and his entourage with over 20 years of experience, Luckys became a reality in 2018, operating in Oldham and Stockport and more recently in Openshaw where our 1st Franchisee has fully opening and is smashing sales projections. Now, Luckys is ready to expand its expert delivery and Diner concept to the rest of Britain by bringing on motivated, new franchisees.

New franchisees will be met with an inviting market, as deliveries and takeaway is considered to be on par with eating out in a restaurant. Amazingly, on average each Brit spends five pounds per week on takeaway, amounting to a total value of £10.5 billion, with 11 million people using delivery apps in the UK. While the market is projected to reach £14.6 billion by 2025. [Statista]

The secret to Luckys success

Luckys are taking advantage of the lucrative takeaway and food delivery market in Britain by utilising effective growth methods.

The first is that Luckys has a distinctive branding and visual style, making its services instantly recognisable for customers old and new. Similarly, Luckys was quick to adapt to takeaway and deliveries during the pandemic lockdowns, connecting their quality food to hungry customers.

This also means franchisees are offered a refined ghost kitchen concept with high-performing delivery for increased success and added cash flows.

Lastly, Luckys has garnered a loyal customer base with unrivalled and positive feedback, reviews, and testimonials, raking in new customers through word-of-mouth.

Four values define the cornerstone of Luckys success:

  • Invinting customer service
  • Quality in everything, especially Luckys ingredients
  • Teamwork through a supportive franchising network that is there for each other through thick and thin
  • People, as high-performers must not go unnoticed and needs to be recognised for their hard work

But practically, new franchisees will get access to:

  • Large geographic territory provided to thrive and grow in
  • Active and ongoing support specifically focused on growing sales and increasing profit
  • A lucrative startup package with access to the visually distinct and trademarked style of Luckys branding
  • Free availability to Luckys growth secrets, templates, and platforms
  • Digital and Social Marketing campaigns and SEO-optimised webpage, with local offline marketing to have a memorable opening day!
  • Comprehensive startup training in managing a winning restaurant with ongoing training, so you know all the latest trends

Luckys will be actively looking for people with an excellent track record within the Food & Beverage sector, possessing outstanding people management, leadership skills, and business acumen. Only a few individuals will be offered this Luckys franchise opportunity: are you one of them? 

Start by getting a non-committing meeting with Luckys management, so you can ask any questions you may have and see if this opportunity is for you. Click below and begin now!


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