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The franchise recently shared a blog detailing a few different ways in which people can look after themselves and/or the vulnerable during the months to come, keeping everyone warm and safe.

Heritage Healthcare, first established in 2008, is passionate about the provision of quality home care services. Heritage Healthcare is also passionate about sharing helpful advice with its customers, and with winter about to arrive in earnest, the growing home care franchise network feels this is more important than ever. That’s why it felt motivated to share the following seven tips:

  • Wrap up warm - According to Heritage Healthcare, “the temperature is dropping, so we should all be wearing our big coats” when we head outside, and even accessorising with “scarf, gloves and hat”.

  • Stay active - Even a small amount of physical activity does wonders, helping “blood pump around the body” and allowing the vulnerable to build up their strength. Heritage Healthcare suggests that people “start with activities [they] are comfortable with, such as gentle stretches or walking between rooms” and then “progress onto more regular exercises such as swimming, walking or yoga”.

  • Eat healthy - “Regular healthy meals” help to keep you fighting fit, and these meals should be “hearty and full of nutrients to fight against common colds and winter viruses”.

  • Keep the home warm - “The recommended temperature for a warm home in winter is 18°C and living rooms increase slightly to 21°C. Ensure your heating system is in working order and there aren’t any drafts coming through the windows and doors.”

  • Get vaccinated against the flu and COVID-19 - “Not only should you receive the COVID-19 vaccination to prevent hospitalisation and serious illness from coronavirus, but you should also get the flu vaccination. The flu jab is free for people aged over 50, who live in a residential or long-term care facility, have certain health conditions, or provide care to an older or disabled person.”

  • Avoid spreading germs - Wash your hands regularly, continue to wear a face covering in busy spaces, and “avoid physical contact with other people if you do feel unwell”.

  • Keep your spirits up - The winter can be long and lonely. Heritage Healthcare suggested making “plans with family and friends so you have something to look forward to”, and cautioned that “we need to remember to look after our mental health as well as physical health”.


Find out more about franchising with Heritage Healthcare via its profile page, linked above.

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