Healthy Feet Mobile Clinic is changing lives one franchisee at a time

Healthy Feet Mobile Clinic franchise
Healthy Feet Mobile Clinic Take a step closer to running your own successful foot care business, where you can enjoy owning your own territory and serving your community.

The demand for routine foot care is ever increasing and you will be given full training to gain a qualification that will give you the skill and knowledge to start your own business in this growing and thriving sector.Healthy Feet Mobile Clinic is a unique franchise that is meeting the needs of an ageing population by providing a home visiting service to individuals homes, and care homes.

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healthy-feet-franchiseesThree individuals open up about why and how they went into their Healthy Feet Mobile Clinic franchising journey. The motivation they want to give others and how it has positively changed their life. Find out what they said below.

Lisa Reddy - Bolton Franchise opened in May 2019.

"This month marks my 3rd birthday of taking that first step into self-employment." 

"I left a secure, well-paid corporate job of 15 years to start this business. I cannot tell you how HAPPY I am that I made that leap of faith." 

"My life has changed, I’m there for my children more, I get to choose my own hours and holidays, I’m less stressed, and most importantly, I absolutely love my job."

"Hands down, best career move ever!"  

"Don’t let your fear get in the way of doing something you want to do. Life is brief!"

Healthy Feet is a unique and in-demand affordable franchise to invest in, requiring only £2,995 as a minimum investment. With expected revenue of £50,000 after just 2 years, Healthy Feet is a desirable and passionate business that cares for an often neglected population - our senior citizens. Healthy Feet Mobile Clinic is a growing business with many new franchisees investing. McKinsey reports that the global wellness industry is rapidly expanding, with an average growth of 5-10% annually, and the UK is no different. The reason is that consumers after Covid have broadened their views on health, going beyond just medicine. A change Healthy Feet franchises are taking lucrative advantage of.

Claire Brewer - Bury Franchise opened in November 2021. 

"This [Healthy Feet franchise investment] was the best decision I have ever made. I wanted the flexibility of working my own hours, being my own boss, and that would work around my family.

"Having the lovely Debra on hand for help and support whenever needed is a huge plus for me, as is being part of a wonderful team who are always helpful too.

"Not only is my job stress-free, but it is also rewarding, not just being part of a fantastic team, I also get to meet and help so many lovely people."

You do not need to be an expert in the wellness field to be a successful franchisee with Healthy Feet. Support is a vital part of any successful business, that is why onboarding, training, guidance, and support are always available for franchisee investors.

Tracey Markham - Stourbridge Franchise opened in August 2021. 

I found Healthy Feet when I was considering retraining to become a foot health practitioner. I have always been a keen learner, and I knew that I would enjoy the challenge of studying something new. The setting up of a business seemed a little daunting, so the franchise structure appealed to me and gave me the idea to get in touch. 

"I love being part of a team and having others to share experiences with. From the day I started, I was busy with leads and appointments, and I am busier than I ever hoped I could be! Having Debra to help and support me gave me the reassurance I needed. 

"Life is good and each day is so different, I just wish I had done this years ago!

As a franchisee, you can set your own hours, learn new skills, have more personal and financial freedom, and help those in your community.

Take the step and live the life you've always wanted!

If you want to be part of the Healthy Feet franchise family, click "REQUEST INFORMATION" at the top of this article. Then one of our experts will get in touch with you.

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