Caremark has recently launched a programme for all new Franchise Owners that enables them to become High-Performance Leaders!

Caremark franchise
Caremark Caremark firmly believe in getting the caring formula right. By really caring about your customers and really caring about your staff, coupled with using our business model and policies, financial success will naturally follow.

Your profits matter to us too! That’s why we still have one of the lowest Advice and Support Fees in the industry. We can do this because we are wholly UK owned with no overseas investors to report to.

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Often, people invest in a franchise because of the support they receive and because it’s a far lower risk than going into business alone. 

Caremark has always been highly acclaimed in the support department, but now, we’ve moved that dial even higher with our new High-Performance Leadership Programme.

Every Franchise Owner that joins the Caremark family receives the full 9-month programme as part of their franchise fee. This ensures, right from the very start that they are equipped to run successful home care franchises. 

Home Care Franchise Success

At Caremark, we see that our most successful owners are exceptional leaders.  After all, our business is all about people and the ability to lead a large number of home care staff is a pre-cursor for an excellent business. 

With that in mind, we developed our very own programme titled, ‘How do we create a high-performance environment where success is inevitable?’

The course is designed to take our owners through a series of modules that enables them to become exceptional leaders; leaders that recruit well, retain excellently and lead teams to deliver high-quality home care and subsequently, a profitable business. 

How are we ensuring Franchise Owners become great leaders?

The 9-month course is broken down into 6 modules that really push our Franchise Owners to be the best leaders they can be. 

The first module covers our owners looking at themselves. Understanding what motivates them, their strengths, their ‘overdone strengths’ and how they behave in conflict, as well as developing effective relationships. 

The second module focuses on their Mission, Vision, Culture and Values as well as detailing where they want their business to be and how they’re going to achieve it.

Our dedicated Leadership & Development Coach, Tracey Underwood

Tracey, who is extremely experienced at delivering such courses with successful outcomes says:

"Our in-depth training gives franchise owners a chance to think strategically about their business and understand how culture impacts performance.  We’re dedicated to backing each franchise on its way to success. Our High-Performance Leaders programme aims to empower our franchise owners with the tools and knowledge to achieve outstanding results."

Franchise Support – What our owners say

Our new owners have already completed modules 1 and 2, and feedback to date has been outstanding.  Here are just a few comments:

“A very insightful, informative session a very positive feeling. A great learning experience”, Paul Harvey Matthews – Caremark, Harrogate.

“A truly enriching day, learning from Tracey’s wealth of experience in enhancing leadership qualities in managers”, Shoaib Arshid – Caremark, Weymouth.

Existing Caremark Franchise Owners can attend too

The course is proving to be such a roaring success that our 120-strong existing network can attend too.  In fact, to make each cohort as bespoke as possible, we are offering adaptations to the course. This will apply to franchises that have been operating for 18 months or less -and those that have been operating for 18 months or more. 

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