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27/01/2018 18:00 | Food

Due to popular demand, Creams Cafe brings back the black ice-cream that has everyone guessing its flavour.

The franchise brand known for its big flamboyant desserts, has done it again. This time with a kind of black ice that won’t make you skid and slide but more the kind you’d lick from looping scoops. The darkest gelato of them all went viral in the US and London, and it has now glided its way to Nottingham, eclipsing the shades of pastel pink strawberry and sunshine mango ice creams.

The charcoal-coloured ice cream was trialled at Creams Café in Nottingham and it became so popular, the dessert brand decided to bring it back for good. Now featured as a permanent flavour on the new menu, Creams Café’s black ice-cream is actually called Black Vanilla. The gothic-style dessert is concocted with pure organic charcoal powder mad from coconut husks. And even if it looks like charcoal, it seemingly doesn’t taste like charcoal.

Creams Café Nottingham’s assistant manager Michael Quinn said: "It has played with people's senses, not one customer has imagined it would taste like it does, the look is completely deceptive.

"It has gone down well with customers that are ready to experiment and challenge their senses. It tastes like a less sweeter vanilla but is a little smoother and softer."

Creams Café Nottingham will be offering 50% off all desserts until 25th January and for all who dare to savour its newest dark flavour, it is served in cones, tubs, waffles or crepes on top, sundaes, and in milkshakes.

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