Tyre Services Franchise Opportunities in the UK

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tyre services franchise

As part of an industry worth £82 billion, tyre services businesses can be extremely lucrative, benefitting from a steady income from a large customer base of car and vehicle owners. With the average UK household owning more than one car, and more than 36 million vehicles currently on the roads in the UK, there is never a shortage of vehicles needing new tyres or tyre services. It is only a matter of time before a car owner will require the services of a tyre services business.

Because of this, businesses that offer tyre services are enthusiastic to maximise their turnover potential by expanding their company and increasing brand awareness. Many businesses also offer franchising opportunities, with the intention of introducing their brand to new territories up and down the UK - or even on foreign soils.

Tyre services franchises who are interested in increasing their customer base can use a number of facts to their advantage in their marketing strategies. Ensuring that your vehicles tyres are serviced or changed regularly has a wide variety of advantages for vehicle owners. Most obviously, getting your vehicle regularly serviced can, of course, extend the life of its tyres and, in turn, save you money in the long-run.

New tyres, will also mean that your vehicle will benefit from improved handling, and become safer and more comfortable to drive. And if this isnt reason enough to regularly visit a tyre services franchise, the better performance of new tyres will result in lower fuel consumption. Whats more, changing tyres is a quick and uncomplicated task for professional tyre services providers, and often, the service is relatively inexpensive.

Tyre dealership franchise

Tyre dealership businesses have existed for many decades now and can rely on tried and tested business models that are guaranteed to generate a steady stream of income. Lets take a look at a tyre dealership franchise on the Point Franchise books.

The Wheel Specialist

Founded in 1955, The Wheel Specialist originally offered spray painting services throughout a number of industries but has built on its brand and is now a successful alloy wheel repair and modification specialist. The business has established a large customer base who rely on its superior services as the oldest and largest wheel refurbishing company in the UK.

The franchise asserts that opting for a total wheel refurbishment from them rather than a mobile repair service is the better choice for vehicle owners, as it provides a fuller, longer-lasting solution. The Wheel Specialist boasts a more thorough and resilient alloy wheel coating than competitors offerings and can offer refurbishment services to almost any make of wheel. After this, wheels will look as good as new, and add value to the vehicle, should owners wish to sell it on.

As well as refurbishing, The Wheel Specialist offers wheel customisation services, including stripping and refitting, wheel balancing, and wet paint and powder coating. The business benefits from a loyal selection of customers who keep on coming back to the franchise and acknowledge its high-quality products and services.

The Wheel Specialist is not afraid of promoting the business through a variety of different mediums, and has even appeared on television programmes, including Wheeler Dealers. Here, the quality of the companys offerings was remarked upon in front of a substantial television audience. The Wheel Specialist has also been a finalist for the award of Best Online Marketing Campaign in the Franchise Marketing Awards in 2012.

Those interested in joining the franchise should ensure that they are business-orientated, self-motivated and can make an initial investment of £44,995 and have access to capital of between £40,000 and £100,000. In return, The Wheel Specialist will ensure that franchisees have a website that delivers leads while you sleep, world-class guidance in sales and marketing, an exclusive territory, access to the latest industry research, and ongoing support.

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Mobile tyre fitting franchise

Mobile tyre services franchises are a much more recent phenomenon, appealing to customers who value speed and convenience. Here are two such franchises offered by Point Franchise:


Etyres is the UKs first online tyre franchise, offering tyre changing services whenever the customer needs it. Established in 1992, the business launched its franchise model four years later. Etyres vans are fully equipped with everything needed to change a tyre, and travel to customers up and down the UK, promoting and working within the franchises three core values: honesty, convenience and professionalism.

An Etyres franchise requires a minimum investment of £24,000. After investing, franchisees will be enrolled onto a two-week training course covering sales strategy, product information, marketing, IT systems, data management and finance, and offer practical training. As time goes on, the business will also update franchisees on the business latest products as well as new industry practices, so they can always stay one step ahead of the game. In addition to this, franchisees will be given their own territory, which will give them exclusive access to all vehicle owners in that area, maximising business potential.

Etyres are passionate about giving their business partners everything they need to do the best job they can, and they take active measures to support franchisees every step of the way. Etyres works within an eight-week set-up scheme, which aims to get their franchisees businesses up and running within just two months.

Those with slightly less liquid capital but the drive to franchise with Etyres are also catered for, with the businesss recently-unveiled etyresExpansion+ programme. This multi-van Etyres franchise defers 50 percent of the franchise fee payment, requiring a reduced franchise fee of just £13,431, paid over a five-year period. On top of this, franchisees who develop their branch into a two or three-van operation before the five years are up can even reduce their outstanding fee by up to £10,000.


Hometyre is another mobile tyre company, providing tyre fitting and replacement, and wheel alignment services. As a nationally recognised brand, Hometyre enjoy a revenue of £5 million, as well as established and valuable business partnerships with leading brands like Dunlop, Goodyear, Michelin and Toyo.

Franchisees looking to open their own branch of the tyre services business must invest £40,000. An established training programme guides franchisees through their first few weeks with the company. Week One provides further insight into the business, Week Two provides hands-on training, and Week Three summarises the information provided.

Whats more, franchisees do not need to worry about sales enquiries, product restocking or logistics management, as Hometyres handles with these to ensure that franchisees can get their branch up and running as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

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