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    In the world of franchising, investment opportunities are exciting and varied. One of these is children’s theatre education. If you’re passionate about the arts, and about educating the next generation, working with a theatre education franchise could be the perfect career change. Here are four of the top theatre education franchising opportunities available in the UK right now.

    An education in all things theatre can prepare children for life in a number of unexpected ways, increasing their confidence and developing their problem solving skills. As a franchisee with an arts education franchise, you’ll be inspiring young people on a daily basis. An investment in this popular, growing sector could be both profitable and rewarding. 

    The value of investing in a theatre education business

    Children benefit in all kinds of ways from a well-rounded education inclusive of performing arts subjects like drama, dance and music. According to a 2018/2019 survey, 96.1% of children between 5-15 were engaged with the arts, and 50.7% of children between 11-15 were taking part in theatre and drama based activities [Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport]. Theatre and performing arts can benefit young people’s physical, emotional and social wellbeing, via:

    • Boosting their self-confidence

    • Stimulating their imagination, inspiring them and entertaining them

    • Developing their empathy, trust, co-operation and communication skills

    • Developing their concentration and memory skills

    • Providing an emotional outlet for their feelings

    • Improving their physical fitness

    • Strengthening their appreciation for arts and culture

    • Increasing their social awareness

    Children from all backgrounds can benefit from experiencing stories about situations that aren’t like theirs; meeting characters who they don’t immediately recognise and deciding (alone or with peers) what action they might have taken faced with a similar challenge or opportunity. In a world that seems ever polarised, helping children to identify shared meanings seems more urgent than ever.

    Four best theatre education franchises


    Razzamataz was founded in 2000 by Denise Hutton-Gosney, a professional dancer, choreographer, gymnast and TV extra. The education franchise has continued to grow in the past 20 years, and now has many units established across England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. One of the top theatre education franchises in the UK, Razzamataz offers a diverse range of acting, singing and dancing classes to children aged 4-18. 

    Regardless of background, circumstances and history, Razzamataz is there for students across the UK, and its innovative business model was featured on BBC TV programme Dragon’s Den. To become a Razzamataz franchisee, you’ll need to make a minimum investment of £9,995. In return for your investment, you’ll receive comprehensive training and ongoing support. The ideal Razzamataz franchisee would be:

    • A theatre lover

    • Enthusiastic about educating thespians 

    • Enthusiastic about running a successful business 

    1. Stagecoach 

    Stagecoach was founded in 1988 by actress Stephanie Manuel and banker David Sprigg. Stephanie developed the idea after noticing a lack of theatre training in schools. The theatre education franchise’s growth trajectory has been extremely impressive, and the business now boasts over 300 franchisees, and a global presence across eight countries. More than 48,000 students are being educated by Stagecoach franchisees each week.

    To become a franchisee with the performing arts education company, you’ll need to make a minimum investment of £17,000. You won’t need any performing arts experience, or any experience teaching children, but to be a successful Stagecoach franchisee you should be:

    • A genuine people-person, passionate about giving children creative courage for life 

    • Someone with a desire to work with teachers and build a multi-school management business 

    • Committed to Stagecoach’s reputation for maintaining a best-in-class safe environment for children 

    • Willing to follow a proven business model and work with a support team 

    2. Popcat’s Music Time 

    Popcat’s Music Time was founded in 2014 by Catherine Williams, a primary school teacher and mother who saw the value in providing movement and music workshops to both kids and the elderly. The business started franchising in 2016, and has been growing ever since, offering quality classes to people of all ages and abilities.

    To become a Popcat’s Music Time franchisee, you’ll need to make a minimum investment of £3,800, with total investment costs of £6,800. In return for your investment, you’ll receive access to an extensive programme of training and support. The ideal Popcat’s Music Time franchisee would be:

    • A teacher, or someone from an educational background, who loves working with kids

    • Energetic, entertaining and blessed with a good singing voice

    • Passionate about music

    • Organised, patient, hardworking and motivated

    New Youth 

    New Youth is an arts franchise that provides children with a safe, innovative learning environment in which to grow as people and to develop musical theatre skills. Established by Jason Ashworth and Rachel Ashworth-Jerem, New Youth teaches children from 3-11, often providing opportunities for the kids to perform in front of real audiences. 

    To start a franchise with New Youth, you’ll need to make a minimum investment of £4,999. In return for your investment, you’ll receive all the guidance and training you need to run your franchise successfully. According to New Youth, its ideal franchisee would have:

    • A background in teaching, acting, singing, dance or entertainment

    • A passion for musical theatre and performing arts

    • The desire to work with kids, inspiring the next generation

    • A highly motivated and organised attitude to work

    • A confident, clear style of communication

    • The ability to lead a team of people

    • The ability to build relationships with parents, children and local community members

    Enjoy the varied and exciting experience of working with kids and running your own business

    Whether you’re working in theatre education or sports education, working with children as a franchisee could offer you the best of both worlds - a chance to teach and inspire, alongside a chance to earn good money and see solid profits. If preparing the next generation to head out into the world interests you, consider investing in an education franchise today. If the franchising business model interests you, but you’re not sure that working with kids would suit you, you can browse a much wider range of investment opportunities via Point Franchise’s UK franchise directory.

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