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Asian-style food is thriving in the UK thanks to a rise in the number of pan-Asian restaurants all over the country. Chinese and Thai restaurants are crucial to the success of the market as most people choose not to cook Asian-style cuisine at home.

The Oriental Food Report commissioned by Asian grocer Wing Yip found that Brits are becoming more and more adventurous with the food theyre eating. Of the 3,000 people surveyed, 39% eat Thai food regularly, and a further 20% opt for Japanese. However, unsurprisingly, Chinese food is still the nations favourite Asian cuisine, with 87% regularly enjoying sweet and sour chicken and other popular dishes from their local Chinese.

The rise in popularity of Chinese and Thai restaurants can be attributed to the increasing numbers of tourists choosing to holiday in south-east Asia. This makes them more likely to select Asian dishes when they arrive back home.

Thai chain restaurant

With more than 2,000 Thai restaurants currently in the UK, the trend for Asian cuisine is set to continue which will result in more restaurants opening to meet consumer demand.

Perhaps the most impressive Thai restaurant chain is Giggling Squid. Andy Laurilland and his wife Pranee identified a gap in the marketplace back in 2009, as there were no national Thai restaurant chains in the UK. Since starting their first Thai restaurant in Hove nearly ten years ago, the couple now has more than 30 restaurants all over the country.

Success has been down to the excellent quality and variety of food on offer. Customers can choose from over 40 dishes including the signature giggling squid as well as tapas-style plates of delicious Thai food. This dedication to producing first-class dishes has led to the Lurillands taking a food led approach to their business model. With more chefs than area managers, the emphasis is all on the quality of the ingredients and how they are prepared to offer the perfect Thai experience for customers.

Are there any Thai franchise restaurants available for investment?

Although there arent many Thai restaurants that you can invest in as a franchisee at the moment, this is likely to change as the popularity of Asian food continues to grow. So, what better time to start a Thai restaurant franchise than right now?

You could choose to become a franchisee with Thai Express. This is a QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) with a difference. Instead of pre-prepared dishes to choose from customers are faced with an array of fresh ingredients, which they can watch get made into their favourite dish while they wait.

Thai Express is a relatively low-cost investment opportunity with high potential for growth. The cost of opening a restaurant varies depending on the size and location chosen, however, if youre ambitious, the franchise fee for multiple units can be reduced if specific criteria are met.

Thai restaurant delivery franchise

Camile is another Thai restaurant franchise that gives you the opportunity to get in on the ground floor level of the booming online delivery service. Customers get to enjoy authentically sourced Thai food delivered straight to their door, while franchisees benefit from being part of a growing brand with a proven business model.

The total investment required to become a Camile franchisee can range between £250,000 and £350,000. In return for this investment, youll receive more than 250 hours of training to prepare you for starting your new business as well as getting support with recruitment, staff training, product development, operations, IT and much more.

Asian food franchise opportunities

If you think youve got what it takes to open a restaurant and youve got your heart set on bringing Asian cuisine to your area, then there are a couple of franchises that are available for investment right now.


Wok&Go is an Asian franchise that specialises in serving up a unique blend of Thai, Malay, Chinese, Japanese, and Indonesian cuisines. With 22 sites around the UK, Wok&Go is rapidly expanding and becoming one of the UKs most popular franchises to invest in.
Their specialist cooking teams design all Wok&Go's recipes and the franchise focuses on providing a complete experience for the customer. The emphasis is on producing healthy recipes that are prepared quickly for the customers convenience.

To invest in Wok&Go, youll need to raise a minimum of £100,000. The franchise fee is generally £15,000 plus VAT. However, the franchise estimates that at least £200,000 will be required to get the business up and running. Youll also need a significant amount of working capital to fund your restaurant until it starts to turn a profit.

In return for your investment, youll receive a turnkey store outfitting, which covers site selection, design, build, and project management. All of this is performed in-house at Wok&Go, ensuring that prices are kept low. Youll get full training, and youll be supported while you recruit and train your team.

An area manager will be assigned to you to provide ongoing advice and support, so that help is on hand as and when you need it. Once your restaurant is up and running, you wont have to worry about promoting the business as Wok&Go run national advertising and marketing campaigns on your behalf.

Wok to Walk

Wok to Walk is one of the leading Asian fast-food franchises with nearly 100 units in cities such as London, Barcelona, Los Angeles, and New York. Offering fresh Asian cuisine thats prepared in front of your eyes, Wok to Walk has established itself as an exciting opportunity for any potential franchisees.

If youre interested in becoming a Wok to Walk franchisee, youll need to a minimum initial investment of £100,000. The franchise fee is £45,000, but youll need to have an element of working capital available to fund the business in the early days.

Once youve been granted the right to operate under the Wok to Walk name and brand image you get to choose the type of establishment you want to run. Because of the versatile Wok to Walk business model you can decide to run a full restaurant style unit or start things off smaller with a takeaway store.

Whatever option you choose youll attend a comprehensive training programme, which will teach you, all you need to know about running a Wok to Walk franchise. Ongoing support and guidance are also available to ensure your success.

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