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In recent years, the shawarma has risen in popularity, not only in the UK but across the world. Many shawarma connoisseurs will know just what makes the tasty treat just so moreish, but for those that dont know, lets go over exactly what a shawarma is.

What is a shawarma?

Well, its typically a pitta bread wrapped around chunks of slow-cooked meat, chips, vegetables and a sauce. This sounds just like gyros, you might say. It is true that the two dishes are very similar, and for good reason they both descended from the same ancestor.

This was the doner kebab, which was first created in the eighteenth century. Cooked in its own juices as it revolved on a spit and served with bread and vegetables, this type of kebab was a tasty and convenient dish, and was warmly welcomed around the world.

When the Greeks incorporated it into their cuisine, they called it gyros; when it reached the Middle East, it became known as shawarma. Middle Eastern influences are clear to see in many variations of the shawarma, which are made with tabbouleh and fattoush salads, falafel, hummus and condiments such as tahini and garlic yoghurt. Chefs often incorporate pickled fruits and vegetables; it isnt unusual to find pickled cucumber, turnip or even carrot in a shawarma.

In terms of meat, chicken, lamb and occasionally goat are used for shawarma. Flavour is key, so the meat is usually marinated for hours in a selection of spices, such as cinnamon and cardamom. Other seasonings include bay leaves, dried lime and vinegar.

In general, the rules around what constitutes a shawarma are less strict than those attached to gyros. For example, chefs can wrap the meat, fries and vegetables up in a pitta bread or stuff it inside. Either way, the end result is delicious, and has been a hit with consumers in the UK and abroad.

You might be excited to find out that you can benefit from the buzz around shawarma by joining a franchise that sells the tasty dish. Lets take a look at some fantastic opportunities that you can get involved in.

Shawarma Franchise Opportunities

Unfortunately, there arent any businesses in the UK that specialise in shawarma and operate a franchise model, but there are fantastic opportunities if youre willing to travel further afield.

Abou Shawarma

Located in Panama, Qatar and the UAE, Abou Shawarma has developed a network of shawarma restaurants. This quick service restaurant has big plans for expansion, however. It has already got two new sites lined up in Saudi Arabia and Oman. It is confident that the restaurant is perfectly placed to grow internationally because of its ability to adapt to global tastes.

If youre to join this franchise, youll need to find a suitable site of between 25 and 120 square metres. In order to open a standard Abou Shawarma outlet, youll need between £120,000 and £200,000, but you should be prepared to pay £250,000 to £310,000 for an area development agreement that includes an office and central kitchen. This agreement comprises an exclusive territory for a minimum of five outlets.

The franchise team will be on hand to supply training on best practice and an operating manual. Youll also be given helpful documents and videos and remote franchisor support. Once your Abou Shawarma restaurant is up and running, you should expect to serve between 80 and 120 customers per day.

Shawarma Shack

Alternatively, you could opt to build a business with Shawarma Shack. It currently has 30 locations in Luzon, the Philippines largest island. This franchise secured a loyal customer base after introducing its famous Buy 1, Take 1 promotion. It originally operated as a food cart, before growing into a top shawarma brand.

There are several options when it comes to starting a Shawarma Shack business. Open a shopping mall cart for £13,300 or a non-mall cart for between £15,400 and £23,400. If you have a higher budget, you could choose to launch a full store. This will cost you around £52,100. Shawarma Shack likes to make sure its franchisees have all the tools to succeed, which is why it provides an operations manual; training in management, marketing and customer service; and support with site evaluation and the grand opening.

Other Franchise Opportunities

If youd prefer to manage a business in the UK, there are similar options for you. Humpit Hummus is a franchise that specialises in the Middle Eastern favourite, hummus. Lets learn more.

Humpit Hummus

At Humpit Hummus, you can enjoy pita platters, falafel buffets, salads, hot or iced HUMPTEA and a range of juices all alongside hummus, of course. It is the only 100 percent plant-based food franchise in the whole of the UK. As more and more people take up vegetarian and vegan lifestyles, this gives the business a significant advantage against its competitors.

Humpit Hummus is also proud to officially cater for corporate groups and hold private events, providing customers with the chance to introduce a group of hungry hummus-lovers to the brand. Currently, this opportunity is only open to consumers in Sheffield, Leeds, York and Newcastle, where the business restaurants are currently based, but Humpit Hummus is keen to expand into new territories. It intends to launch at least three new outlets in 2019.

You can establish your own successful business while helping this franchise increase its number of sites and profitability. To take it up on its offer, you will need some experience working in the food or hospitality sectors, but the franchise will offer guidance with site selection, restaurant fit-out and marketing. In terms of price, a new Humpit Hummus franchise will cost around £70,000 to set up, but it shouldnt take long before you are making a good return on investment. By using this business proven strategies and popular menu, you are sure to develop a customer base of loyal hummus fans in no time.

To browse other franchises in the food sector, just click here.

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