Sector Spotlight: The CEOs Creating New Trends in the Hair, Beauty, and Cosmetics Industry

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In this article, we look at the CEOs creating new trends in the beauty sector. By the end, you should feel inspired by their success and how they’ve made sure they survive in a competitive market.

Today we showcase how beauty business CEOs are leading their companies to long-term success through innovation and creating trends. Hopefully, you can learn a thing or two and use it in your own approach to business. Whether you’re currently operating or planning to operate in the beauty sector, let’s look at how these CEOs have made their mark in an evolving and exciting industry.

In 2017, the hair and beauty industry generated over £7.5 billion in turnover for the UK economy. The number of beauty businesses operating in the UK are on the up too. There are currently around 43,000 and there has been a 45 percent increase in the last five years. On average, women in the UK spend around £482.51 a year on beauty products, which is £2.39 a day on the 12 face products that most make-up bags contain. Let’s now look at the CEOs and founders of different franchises that are creating trends in the beauty sector.

Top trends in the beauty sector

  1. Further commitments to sustainability
  2. Streamlining of beauty regimes
  3. Health and beauty will merge together even more
  4. More diversity and inclusion conversations
  5. More transparency with beauty product formulations

Sector spotlight: The CEOs creating trends in the beauty sector

Guinot CEO – Jean Daniel Mondin

The current Chairman and CEO of Guinot is Jean Daniel Mondin. The son of a plastic surgeon decided to study pharmacy and obtained a doctorate. With years of expertise behind him, Jean Daniel Mondin redefined cosmetics though his medical roots and personal perspective.

What sets him apart from other CEOs in the beauty sector is that he has achieved a high calibre scientific degree. His educational history helped him establish a highly technologically advanced laboratory implementing accurate pharmaceutical standards.

In 1986, Mondin worked with a biology department run by Professor Raichvarg at the Hôpital Cochin to test the effectiveness of a nutritive complex on the skin of severe burn victims. As a result, they launched the Cellular Life Complex, a legendary nutritional complex that’s essential for skin cells to live and regenerate. The complex was then used in its youth regeneration care cream, ‘Longue Vie Cellulaire’.

Mondin also founded European-based brand Mary Cohr, which specialises in patented, tech-based skincare through non-invasive salon treatments and a premium product range.

The French beauty salon Guinot was founded back in 1972. With over 30 years of experience under its belt, it’s become one of the leading beauty franchises.

  • Becoming a Guinot franchisee: Click here to learn more and sign up.
  • How much you need to invest: The investment required from potential franchisees ranges from £85,000 to £125,000 to fund the starting up of your salon. The initial personal investment will be 30 percent to up to 50 percent of the total amount.
  • What you get for your investment: Upon application for a Guinot franchise outlet, your abilities will be put to the test through the extensive training programme it offers to help you master all aspects of running a business.

Lash Perfect Beauty Bar founder – Beverly Piper

The Eyelash Design Company was founded by director Beverly Piper in 2006. She is a renowned beauty expert with over 25 years of experience. The company has gained a reputation for pioneering professional lash and brow treatments and innovating lash, brow and eyecare products. It provides excellent extension courses and revolutionary training in eyebrow treatments under its excellent brands – Lash Perfect, Brow Perfect Microblading and Hi Brow.

Beverly Piper and Christina Jenkins started the Eyelash Design Company from a small living room in Essex; now their products are distributed in over 35 countries.

Lash Perfect Beauty Bar is an eyelash, eyebrow and nail bar based in South East England. The beauty franchise offers newcomers or experienced beauty therapists and lash technicians the opportunity to open an outlet and be associated with an established and reputable beauty brand.

  • Becoming a Lash Perfect Beauty Bar franchisee: To express your interest in this low-overhead business opportunity, click here.

  • How much you need to invest: Lash Perfect Beauty bar will only need you to provide a minimum upfront investment of £5,000 and a total of £9,999.
  • What you get for your investment: Not only can franchisees benefit from big discounts on the latest professional and retail products, you’ll also be leased a Lash-Perfect-branded Fiat 500, so you can always advertise your business. Your beauty franchise will also be equipped with branded professional treatment kits and quality tools to give your clients the highest-quality results and keep them coming back.

Healthy Feet founders – Debra Rose & Sophie Limming

Debra Rose co-founded Healthy Feet with Sophie Limming in 2011, and in 2018 they franchised the business. The mobile franchise provides foot care services in the comfort of its clients’ homes. Nowadays, more and more beauty businesses are choosing to operate a mobile service, with many clients preferring the ease and convenience of staying at home.

Research has shown that the health and beauty sector will become the UK’s fastest growing sector in the coming years. It’s predicted to be worth a staggering £26.7 billion by 2022. But this isn’t the only thing changing. The ‘uber effect’ has certainly made its mark on the beauty industry and on-demand-loving clients are looking to receive treatments from home at a time that works for them.

Healthy Feet provides a mobile foot clinic service for customers up and down the UK. It’s popular among customers with diabetes, arthritis and mobility issues, as well as those who just enjoy pampering treatments.

  • Becoming a Healthy Feet franchisee: It’s important to be a people-person and comfortable communicating with customers from all walks of life. Having a full UK driving licence is a must too. Click here to sign up.
  • How much you need to invest: For those who are unable to raise a large amount of funds, the total investment to become a Healthy Feet franchisee is £6,995. Therefore, it’s certainly a viable option for potential franchisees who don’t have lots of cash to invest.
  • What you get for your investment: The franchise provides its franchisees with a Foot Health Practitioner qualification to carry out their services. The majority of training is completed online, and the working hours are extremely flexible around your regular clientele, making it perfect for those busy with a home life who are searching for greater earning potential.

Rush Hair founders – Andy Phouli and Stelios ‘Stell’ Andrew

The Rush brand was born back in 1994 when two hairdressers wanted to turn their passion for the industry into a profitable business. 20 years later and with 61 salons in operation, Rush Hair has become the fastest growing salon group in the UK. The two founders attribute much of its success to their strong friendship:

Our friendship is beyond anything you could ever imagine, nothing can ever break this partnership and that is the strength behind the Rush brand. We have always looked out for each other, no matter what happens. - Stell

One of the ways the hair brand stays ahead of the game is with its annual show Rush Live. It raises funds for Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children while showing off its latest collections and award winning talent.

Celebrating 25 years of Rush, the Rush Artistic Team have taken influence from their past collections… over 18 years, choosing their favourite looks of Rush’s past [and] bringing them to life once again to show the journey of Rush and how our motto of strength and movement has remained strong within our work since the day we opened in 1994…The Rush Way! – Andy Heasman, Rush International Creative Director

  • Becoming a Rush Hair franchisee: Your Rush salon will usually be ready for opening six months after the initial application, but rest assured that you will receive the appropriate comprehensive training you need to operate your salon and a business plan suggesting the most suitable franchise locations. Click here to find out more.
  • How much you need to invest: Becoming a Rush franchisee means you’ll be required to provide a minimum investment of £15,000. The total cost of a salon under Rush means you’ll need to raise between £150,000 and £165,000 to fund it.
  • What you get for your investment: An average of 16,000 people visit Rush Hair salons for their haircare maintenance every week, so it is the perfect opportunity to generate an attractive turnover. Your profit, of course, depends on the location and number of salons you invest in. Nonetheless, given that you will already be equipped with a 20-year strong reputation of a household-name salon, you will not struggle to gain traction in your area.

Boots CEO – Sebastian James

Boots is undeniably one of the most loved retail businesses on the British high street. Eight out of 10 of us dash there for everything from bubble bath to cold tablets. James is reinventing the Boots brand with beauty halls, expert make-up artists and magic mirrors.

Instead of beauty halls just being filled with ladies in white coats providing makeovers, there will be a YouTube studio so customers can post videos of their makeovers on social media. Magic mirrors are digital devices that allow women to see what different make-up would look like on their face so they don’t have to apply and wipe it off.

According to James:

'It is exciting, I am a bloke and I can't get out of there without spending money. In the wellness business, people want it to be more holistic, to walk in and feel better already.”

Find out more about Sebastian James in one of our ‘meet the CEO’ articles here.

With around 2,500 stores across the UK, Boots is one of the UK’s leading health and beauty retailers. The store builds upon its core business objective: “To be the first choice for pharmacy, health and beauty – caring for people, customers and communities everywhere.”

There are currently no opportunities for investors to open their own standard Boots store, but potential franchisees do have the chance to get involved in the brand by partnering with Boots Opticians.

  • Becoming a Boots Opticians franchisee: You can find out more on its website.
  • How much you need to invest: A total of £160,000 is required to get the store up and running.
  • What you get for your investment: Guidance will be provided by Boots’ franchise support team, who assist new franchisees with site selection, lease negotiation, store design and local marketing campaigns.

Start a beauty franchise

If you want to follow in one of these CEOs’ footsteps and be responsible for the next big trend in the beauty sector, you can browse our beauty franchises here. If you’re unsure whether it’s the right business move for you, check out ‘Day in the Life: What it takes the run your own hair and beauty franchise’.

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