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mobile beautician business

There are many reasons why entrepreneurs decide to start mobile beauty businesses. While beauty clinics are popular with consumers from across the demographic groups, mobile beauty clinics add a level of convenience.

Providing the same services in the comfort of the customer’s own home – or location of choice – means you can appeal to a larger audience. It is particularly rewarding to be able to pamper those with mobility issues or busy lives, who may not otherwise be able to travel to a beauty salon.

Although beauticians with a business premises on the high street might benefit from higher brand exposure, there’s no reason why you couldn’t compensate for this with your very own branded vehicle. By deciding to be a mobile beautician, you can save a significant amount of money. The cost of renting premises in busy areas can be extortionate, but your utilities will be paid for by the occupants or managers of the buildings you’ll travel to. The only significant expense will be your petrol, which you’ll use to get to each of your clients.

Finally, it’s important to bear in mind that, unlike a beautician in a high street location, you’ll lose time travelling between your clients. This is time you would otherwise spend providing treatments without interruption, so you’ll need to set your prices with this in mind.

Mobile Beautician Business Ideas

The beauty sector is a varied one, which means there are many different options when it comes to the service you opt to provide. Of course, your final decision will depend upon your skillset, qualifications and previous experience, but you could develop your portfolio of services over time.

Alternatively, you could choose to specialise in one specific service, or market your business towards those attending particular events, such as weddings.

The most common services include hair cutting, colouring and styling, nail treatments and make-up artistry. However, you could also offer skin care treatments and facials, massages, tanning or waxing. Eyebrow procedures are also becoming incredibly popular, so why not consider eyebrow tinting, waxing, threading or microblading? You could even try something completely different, such as aromatherapy.

Mobile Beauty Franchises

If you want to start your own mobile beauty business, but lack the experience or knowledge to go solo, you could join a franchise. In doing so, you’ll gain the rights to use a proven business model and the expertise and support of an experienced franchisor. All you’ll have to do is make sure you adhere to the terms laid out in your franchise agreement and send some of your earnings back to the franchisor in royalties.

Let’s take a look at some of the best mobile beauty franchises out there. First up, Healthy Feet.

Healthy Feet

As you may have guessed, this mobile clinic specialises in providing foot treatments. It is particularly geared towards customers with conditions such as diabetes and arthritis, or have mobility issues, but also offers its services to those who simply love to be pampered. Healthy Feet was launched in 2011 and now operates up and down the UK.

If you become a Healthy Feet franchisee, you’ll be given an exclusive territory and support with marketing. You’ll also get the chance to study for a Foot Health Practitioner qualification to boost your knowledge – all for the price of £6,995.

Initially, you’ll be able to manage your business around any existing commitments and build up a loyal customer base over time. Consistent income should be fairly easy to maintain, as many clients choose to return to the business around every six weeks in order to make the most of the treatments.

Find out more about Healthy Feet here at Point Franchise.

City Pampers

Although this franchise isn’t currently listed on our website, it could represent a profitable business opportunity. City Pampers began life in Edinburgh and is now looking to expand to offer its massages, facials and nail treatments to consumers across the UK.

If you can dedicate at least 10 hours per week to a new business and are willing to work weekends, this franchise could be for you. As a City Pampers franchisee, you could work part-time or full-time to host “pamper parties” for birthdays, hen parties, weddings or corporate events. You’ll travel between homes, hotels, offices and event venues to reach your clients and could potentially generate a revenue of between £1,000 and £6,500 per month.

Massage Beach

If you’re after something slightly different, you could franchise with Massage Beach. This UK-based franchise has set up numerous salon locations across Ibiza, offering massages, facials and nail treatments to holidaymakers. These salons take the form of spas, dedicated treatment rooms or “pop-up” treatment areas by hotel pools.

The brains behind Massage Beach thought up this lucrative business idea in 2005. They realised holidaymakers would welcome the opportunity to access spa treatments placed in convenient locations. By launching salons in popular hotels, the business was able to capitalise on this gap in the market by offering tourists the chance to buy pampering therapies without having to leave the poolside.

Although the company operates locations across Ibiza, its headquarters are based in Bristol. Now, it’s looking for franchisees to establish further locations in the UK or in tourist destinations across Europe. This means you don’t have to travel to Ibiza to start your own Massage Beach branch. Just approach the franchise and pitch your profitable location of choice. If it’s approved, you could be up and running in the UK in no time.

On top of the initial investment cost, you should be prepared to pay a management service charge of 7 percent of your total turnover, but in return you’ll receive ongoing support with marketing, finance and HR. What’s more, each and every therapist you employ in your business will get the opportunity to complete Massage Beach’s training scheme before they start working for you.

This means you’ll be able to develop a profitable beauty business that provides quality treatments administered by professional and specialised staff.

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