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Frank Milner - CEO of Tutor Doctor

Some of the most interesting and inspirational individuals in business come from the franchising sector. Frank Milner is one such person. As head of the Tutor Doctor franchise, he has been responsible for incredibly impressive growth and international expansion. Here, we take a look at Franks story and his work at Tutor Doctor.


Frank earned a BA in Business Administration from York University in Ontario. However, his career really got started nearly a decade later, when he joined ARAMARK, a food services, facilities, and uniform provider, as a sales director. This role lasted for three years. He quickly moved on to Cintas, where he worked as the Director of Facility Services.

Having worked for Cintas for two years, he moved onto WSI, a Toronto-based internet marketing consultancy that was invested in the franchise system. It had expanded into a network of more than a thousand franchisees in various countries around the world. Frank held the position of VP Channel Development for another two years and was then presented with the opportunity to join Tutor Doctor. He jumped at the chance.

Frank's own academic struggles as a child had an impact on his decision to go into the education sector. They also inspired him to realise the latent potential he saw in Tutor Doctor. Similarly, Frank's own children were a source of great motivation. Both children, who were 11 and 13 when Frank was introduced to Tutor Doctor, benefitted from the franchise's services. One has since gone on to study engineering at Queen's University in Ontario.

The Tutor Doctor story

Milner met the founder of Tutor Doctor, John Hooi, in 2007. At the time, the franchise was facing numerous challenges. It had grown to encompass a Canadian-based network of six franchisees, yet it was struggling to maintain its momentum or expand beyond what it had already achieved. Thats when Frank Milner stepped in to assist.

Tutor Doctor now boasts more than 500 franchises in a number of different countries. These include Canada, the U.S., the UK, Mexico, Panama, Nigeria, Chile, and Saudi Arabia, amongst others. Its this international ambition that really sets Tutor Doctor apart as an education franchise. The franchise has managed to reach more than 270,000 students and aims to continue growing and helping to change lives.

What Tutor Doctor does

The Tutor Doctor franchise attempts to unlock and unleash the true potential of each and every student they work with. It does so by providing high-quality personal tutoring services in a wide range of subjects. All classes are tailored to meet the needs of the student and the franchise emphasises the fact that no two individuals learn in exactly the same way. This means that lessons must be delivered in an engaging and relatable manner. One-on-one tuition allows you to do just that.

Tutor Doctor franchisees don't need a background in academia or the education sector, as you won't be delivering the tuition yourself. Instead, you'll be managing a team of tutors and ensuring that they provide a suitable service to individuals from all walks of life. Franchisees will benefit from a high degree of freedom and flexibility, as theres generally low overheads and the business can be run remotely. This limits expenditure and allows you to control your work schedule in a way thats not possible in other businesses.

Tutor Doctor franchisees also benefit from a career that can be incredibly personally satisfying. Franchisees play an important role in their students' lives, encouraging them to go further and providing them with the tools to achieve more. Over a number of years, Tutor Doctor franchisees have a large impact on their local communities and can justifiably feel proud of your contribution to wider society.

Why Tutor Doctor works

Tutor Doctor is a profitable franchise for a number of different reasons. First and foremost, it is operating in a rapidly expanding industry. In the UK alone, the private tutoring industry is worth a staggering £6billion a year. On a global level, people spend around £64billion each year on private tuition. This figure is expected to continue growing over the next decade, too.

It's also true that children and young adults are now under a great deal of pressure to succeed academically. University places are more in demand, a large percentage of job opportunities depend on high grades, and children are taught that their future success depends on their present academic performance. Tutor Doctor aims to relieve this pressure by equipping its students with the necessary skills to succeed in both academic and real-world contexts

Its also true that much of Tutor Doctors success can be attributed to the hard work that Frank Milner has put into the franchise. It benefits from an excellent organisational structure, some of the best franchisee support systems around, and a proven business model.

Frank Milners role at Tutor Doctor

Frank's current role at Tutor Doctor involves providing franchisee support and continuing to grow the business. However, there are two goals he is particularly passionate about pursuing. First and foremost, Frank wants to continue developing the unique franchise culture that has emerged in the business. Rather than having franchisees compete, he wants to create a franchise network in which all members are willing and able to collaborate. The idea is to create a forum for ideas and improvements that ensure franchisees are learning from one another not trying to out-do one another.

Second, Frank wants to make Tutor Doctor a truly global force. Though the franchise already operates in a large number of countries around the globe, theres always room for more franchise units. This is also one of the franchises key strengths wherever you go in the world, education is always a valuable commodity.


Frank Milner has demonstrated his ability to motivate and inspire franchisees time and time again. Perhaps its these abilities that make him so well suited to the education sector. As the head of Tutor Doctor, he has been responsible for turning the franchise into one of the most attractive investment opportunities in the industry. Its clear that both he and the business have a bright future.

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