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Most people think of kebabs as a late-night snack used to soak up alcohol after an evening out with friends. However, kebab shops sell their produce throughout the day, and most find a huge customer base of consumers looking for a filling, meaty snack.

This is certainly a lucrative industry within which to franchise, and one which has been growing for the past 50 years. Most people attribute the birth of the kebab as we know it in the UK to Mehmet Aygn or Kadir Nurman, who sold the Turkish staple in West Berlin in the early 1970s. The first kebab shop in England is thought to have opened in London in 1966, representing the start of an industry that would grow to comprise more than 20,000 shops in the UK today. The industry employs over 70,000 people, helping to sell more than 1.3 billion kebabs every day. This output is extremely valuable for the British economy, amounting to more than £2.2 billion in revenue.

While the kebab is traditionally served alongside rice and vegetables, the version commonly sold in fast food shops up and down the country consists of meat and salad vegetables stuffed inside a pitta bread. Consumers often turn to this for a cheap and easy dining option to eat on-the-go no seating or cutlery needed. Although kebabs can be extremely high in saturated fats, the core ingredients lean meat, vegetables and wholemeal pitta bread have the potential to make up a healthy dish if prepared with nutrition in mind.

Commonly frequented by partygoers after an evenings festivities, kebab shops are found on most high streets and in most urban areas. There is plenty of opportunity for investors to get involved with this profitable sector by becoming a franchisee.

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London Kebab Franchise

London has a vast amount of kebab shops to choose from, but one of the most successful franchise models is that of German Dner Kebab. This franchise has outlets across the UK, but Londoners are spoilt for choice, with branches in Camden, Catford, Finsbury Park, Fulham, Islington, Kilburn, Mile End, Shepherds Bush and Stratford. German Dner Kebab sees itself as the leader in the kebab market, offering a healthier version of the familiar snack, free from additives and preservatives, and made from fresh ingredients that are locally sourced and produced. Alongside its kebabs, the franchise prides itself on its signature sauces and handmade breads.

Having been launched in Berlin in 1989, German Dner Kebab has built on its model to open over 50 outlets across Europe and the Middle East, in countries such as Sweden, UAE, Bahrain and Pakistan. Potential franchisees should make an investment of £245,000£345,000 and source a site of at least 1,300 square feet including 400 square feet of kitchen space, and room to accommodate at least 40 eat-in diners. The franchise is also looking for master franchisees to further expand its business. Those interested should complete an enquiry form at

Kebab Shop for Sale

London is not the only available territory available to prospective franchisees, however; thanks to the versatility of the kebab, there are many popular kebab shops for sale across the world. Mr. KEBAB was the first international kebab franchise. The chain first opened its doors to the public in Koice, Slovakia in 2005, but its franchise concept was launched three years later at the international franchise exposition in Budapest.

Those who opt to invest in their own Mr. KEBAB franchise will get ample guidance throughout the set-up process. Mr. KEBAB team members will assist with daily operation, site selection, lease negotiation and marketing.

Other Opportunities at Point Franchise

While Point Franchise does not currently offer any kebab shop franchises, there are a number of successful fast food franchises to get involved with.

Loaded Burgers

This chain provides quality, meaty burgers to the people of Ilford, Stoke Newington and Liverpool. Named after its business objective that customers leave full or loaded the burger franchise was launched in 2014 and aims to supply a superior experience to restaurants offering sad, processed patties.

Franchisees will need to invest £150,000 and possess good managerial skills, as well as the drive to generate success. Loaded Burgers has a dedicated franchise package which enrols new recruits onto a specialised training programme and provide sales and marketing support.

Papa Johns

Pizza is another indulgent option for time-poor consumers. Papa Johns pizza franchise sees annual global sales of over $3 billion and boasts more than 5,000 branches across 45 countries worldwide, having been up and running for over 30 years. UK customers have purchased pizza from the brand since the summer of 2000.

Papa Johns are now looking for franchisees to expand the business even further. No industry experience is needed, but franchisees should be business-orientated and have good communication skills. An investment of at least £100,000 will be required, as well as £18,500 in franchise fees. This will give investors access to a six-week training programme involving theory and practical work.


Wimpy is an American fast food brand that has seen success in the UK. Customers can enjoy the chains extensive menu of burgers, salads, toasties, breakfast dishes, milkshakes and desserts. Having come to London in 1954, the brand has been around since 1934, when Edward Gold opened the first Wimpy restaurant in Indiana, in the US.

Because Wimpy is a household name in the UK as well as in the US, franchisees must make an investment of £220,000 before they can launch their own franchise. Standard, 60-seat restaurants require a minimum of 1,200 square feet of space and must be managed by an investor with previous managerial experience and good business judgement. A Wimpy express unit a smaller outlet with at least 500 square feet of space costs just £80,000 and is an option for those with a comparatively smaller budget. All franchisees will benefit from a two-week training scheme, which will give them all the necessary information to make their business a success.

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