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f45 franchise opportunities

In recent years, more and more people are starting to incorporate the gym into their weekly routine - one in seven of us, in fact. According to the 2018 State of the UK Fitness Industry Report, there are over 7,000 gyms in the UK, with almost ten million of us working up a sweat in one of them. With the UK health and fitness industry going from strength to strength, it is no surprise the market value is almost £5 billion. With the number of fitness facilities, total membership and market value all increasing year on year, investing in a fitness franchise is likely to be a lucrative business venture - if done right.

From Big Box gyms to boutique studios to sport-specific training studios, there are endless amounts of different types of training facilities across the world, all with their own unique benefits. Keen for innovation, fitness fanatics far and wide are demanding new and exciting training styles and personalised instruction to help them achieve their health and fitness goals.


F45s concept is simple: to offer 45-minute high-intensity circuit training workout classes in studios all over the world. The F45 franchise has developed 27 different 45-minute workouts, with more being developed as we speak. And so, the franchises name originates from this simple workout concept - the F stands for functional training and the 45 stands for the total time of its classes. The workouts are devised by the F45 Athletics and Peak Performance Department from a database exceeding 3,000 different exercises, so its members never have the same workout experience twice. The combination of interval, cardiovascular and strength training is thought to be the most effective workout for fat burning and building lean muscle.

Innovative Technology

F45 puts innovation and technology at the forefront of everything that it does. Whether its the efficient operating of a franchisees business or providing the best possible experience for the client, the bold brand is keen to integrate technology at all levels of its operation.

For the clients, over 1,200 exercises are filmed, with the workouts changing daily. There are also multi-screen LCD TVs showcasing all daily exercises. It has implemented heart rate technology to track performance. There are live DJ mixes and F45 FM music to keep its guests entertained and motivated.

And for franchises, there is a world-class intranet playbook and specialised apps to ensure its franchises are streamlined.

F45 Franchise for Sale

The Australian born brand has 52 locations in the UK and Ireland and 1,153 more across the rest of the globe. On top of providing its clients with a premium fitness experience like no other, through its pioneering training systems, it also offers franchisees a dynamic and unique business opportunity in the booming fitness industry. Take a look below at what a F45 franchise has to offer:

  • Low set-up cost compared to traditional gyms due to the limited amount of equipment.
  • Access to top-quality indoor fitness equipment at competitive rates.
  • Low monthly fee makes existing accounting, payment and management systems accessible to franchisees.
  • The membership model which is designed for maximum returns on low membership numbers.
  • Members love trying something new and different to their previous gym experience. This drives membership growth and franchisee satisfaction.
  • A F45 franchise will thrive anywhere - city centres and suburban neighbourhoods alike.
  • F45 has established a successful business model with a proven track record maximising margins for owners and providing health benefits for clients. Access to business systems and technology means the studio runs as efficiently as possible.
  • Become part of the F45 family and thrive in a happy work environment.
  • No previous experience in the fitness industry is required.

Regardless of whether youre an owner-operator or an F45 franchise investor, F45s unique offering combined with its knowledgeable staff and operating efficiencies are the principle reasons why it has exploded worldwide.

How will F45 support you?

The F45 franchise offers extensive support to its franchisees. There is a full induction course on F45 systems training; evolving and ongoing training for exercise regimes; music, marketing and promotional guidance; local and national F45 franchisee meetings; and full-time online support.

F45 Franchise Cost

There isnt any information on the F45 website regarding the franchise costs and fees. However, another source has suggested that becoming a F45 franchise owner starts with a minimum liquid capital requirement of $90,000, with the total investment being $300,000.

Head to the F45 website today to find out more and make a franchise ownership enquiry: https://www.f45invest.com/.

If fitness franchises sound like an exciting opportunity, take a look below at another gym franchise opportunity in the UK, currently looking for franchisees through Point Franchise.

Similar Opportunities

Anytime Fitness

Anytime Fitness is one of the biggest globally recognised gym brands. Launched in Minneapolis, US, in 2002, the company now has over 4,000 clubs in 30 countries. There are over four million members and a new member joins an Anytime gym every three minutes - a staggering amount. The chain boasts a simple yet successful business model, with many franchisees being attracted to its low staffing, constant income stream and a healthy work-life balance.

With thousands of gyms across the globe, there should be an Anytime Fitness at a convenient location for the majority of us. Also, being 24/7 access and with a keen desire to help all of its clients lead a healthier, more fulfilled lifestyle, your gym franchise will become part of the community and be fundamental in changing lives.

Franchisees will be provided with ongoing training that covers every aspect of running the gym successfully, including payment systems, sales processes, customer database management, customer retention, security and customer service.

Franchisees can choose how much time they wish to designate to the day-to-day running of the gym; many franchisees employ a club manager to run it.

In order to invest, a minimum investment of £170,000 and total investment of £350,000 is required, as well as franchise fees of £36,000.

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