Does Audi Franchise?

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Does Audi Franchise?

Audi is one of the world’s leading car manufacturers, designing and manufacturing premium cars that are sold in markets across the globe. Audi champions ‘sporty vehicles, high build quality and progressive design’, which allows it to be an innovator in its field. The brand aims to push the boundaries of car design, using the latest technologies to provide exciting solutions to the challenges drivers face every day.

The team at Audi describe themselves as passionate, responsible and spirited, with the determination to provide customers with the very best products. This isn’t just cars, however. Audi also boasts an exclusive range of branded clothing and accessories, all of which can be found in the brand’s online AudiStore. Audi merchandise includes car accessories, such as cleaning products, mats and children’s car seats, as well as watches, hats, gloves, bags, sunglasses, coats, luggage and even children’s toys. This means that Audi customers – or fans – can show their affection for their favourite car brand even when on foot.

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Audi’s reputation as a premium car manufacturer has been cultivated from its significant global influence. It currently benefits from over 100 international markets, and carried out 1,878,105 deliveries in 2017 alone. Audi attracts both customers and employees by prioritising three principal concerns: digitisation; urbanisation; sustainability. These three elements make up the brand’s ‘Strategy 2025’, an approach that was created with the aim of constantly evolving and improving the business, pushing it forward to success.

Audi has a huge international workforce of 90,000 employees. This is a diverse group, with 93 different nationalities. Audi is keen to sustain its success and so takes measures to continually boost its employee base with talented and dedicated workers. As a result, it advertises 800 places on its training courses every year and provides more than 124,000 hours of postgraduate training across Europe.

History of the Brand

The roots of Audi go far back, beginning with Audi Automobilewerke, a car manufacturing company that was founded in Germany by August Horch ten years after he opened his first car company, Horch & Cie, in 1899. In 1932, these two companies merged, along with two others; DKW and Wanderer. The resulting entity became Auto Union AG, which would go on to become the second largest motor vehicle manufacturing group in Germany.

The years after the Second World War brought disruption to the business, as it was located in a region that was occupied by Soviet forces. This meant that they could seize its property, close the company down and remove it from the Commercial Register in the city of Chemnitz. The business leaders were determined to continue trading, however, and established a new company in Ingolstadt in 1949 under the name of Auto Union GmbH.

1965 signalled the birth of Audi as we know it. Auto Union GmbH revealed a new car called the Audi 100 – the company’s first post-war car with a four-stroke engine. From then on, the company came to be known as Audi. As for Audi’s advertising slogan, ‘Vorsprung durch Technik’ (which can be translated to mean ‘progress through technology’), this was introduced in 1971, with reference to the NSU Ro 80, a trailblazing new car that was launched in the late 1960s.

Audi Franchise For Sale

Unfortunately, there is no information online to suggest that Audi is currently looking for franchisees to expand its business. However, as Audi is a global retailer, it could decide to launch a franchising model in the future, so it’s worth checking back in time.

Audi Dealership Franchise Cost

Because there is no evidence to suggest that Audi has ever offered franchise opportunities in the past, it is difficult to predict the potential costs involved in a future Audi franchise. However, due to the demands of car dealership premises and Audi’s status as a leading premium car manufacturer, set-up costs are likely to be high. Having said that, businesses that decide to franchise often provide a comprehensive training scheme and ongoing support in business operations, staff recruitment and marketing, so you may not need industry knowledge or business management experience. So, if you have the funds and personal motivation to launch your own car manufacturing franchise, Audi – or other car manufacturer – franchises could be profitable business opportunities in the future.

Car Dealership Franchises

Although Point Franchise doesn’t offer any car manufacturer franchises, potential franchisees might be interested in the various car wash franchises, car leasing franchises, car dealership franchises or garage and car repair franchises in the UK franchise directory. For example, Green Motion Car and Van Rental offers an attractive franchising opportunity:

Green Motion Car and Van Rental

This is a rental company with a difference. Green Motion was founded by Richard Lowden, who intended to create a rental business that is kind to the environment. Everyone knows about the impact of vehicle exhaust fumes on our atmosphere, so, since 2005, Lowden has been working to offer hybrid, zero-emission, electric, low CO2 and filtered diesel vehicles to drivers across the globe. Consumers are increasingly keen to reduce their carbon footprint, and this ethos has helped the company grow to become the sixth largest car and van rental firm in the world. With 20 branches in the UK and more spread across 40 countries worldwide, Green Motion benefits from a huge customer base.

What’s more, this is the only vehicle rental company in the world that is entirely managed by franchisees. Entrepreneurs who join the business can be confident in the knowledge that they will have a significant pool of customers ready and waiting. Green Motion is even offering multi-unit franchise opportunities alongside a standard single-unit model, allowing franchisees to access all of the potential customers in one territory. To start up a Green Motion franchise, investors must have funds of at least £140,000 and be prepared to pay franchise fees of £39,500.

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