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Concept Business Solutions are one of the construction industry’s leading franchises and a popular choice amongst those who understand what a high-quality, comprehensive franchise package looks like. With considerable experience in the industry, they’ve grown the business into a nationwide network of dedicated franchisees who demonstrate a considerable passion for the franchise. Here, we take a look at the company and what it can offer investors.

Franchise history

Concept Building Solutions has been in operation for more than 15 years and is considered one of the pioneers of the construction insurance claims management industry. During this time, the franchise has been responsible for handling tens of thousands of insurance claims and served just as many satisfied customers.

Over its long history, the franchise has focused on achieving stable growth and welcoming high-quality franchisees into the fold. This has resulted in around 70% of the UK market having access to a Concept Building Solutions franchise unit. It also means that there’s still a considerable number of investment opportunities available to those who are interested in becoming a franchisee.

Concept Building Solutions basics

The Concept Building Solutions business model is centred on managing insurance claims for building works. If an individual suffers damage to their home, they’ll often rely on their home insurance company to resolve the issue and repair the damage. However, this can be a long and troublesome process. Insurance companies often ask their customers to get two quotes for the work, tradespeople may not want to work on insurance jobs, or the insurer may send a team of builders who aren't up to the task. In other words, dealing with home insurance companies is typically a nightmare.

This is where Concept Building Solutions steps in. Rather than leaving the customer to organise and handle everything, the franchise works on their behalf to ensure that they get the repairs they need, that competent tradespeople perform them, and that the customer doesn’t get ripped off. The franchise has considerable experience in the industry and understands how to deal with tricky insurance companies and difficult loss adjusters. It also guarantees the repair work performed for a full 12 months, ensuring that their insurance company does not abandon the client should things go wrong a few months down the line.

What do franchisees do?

Concept Building Solutions offers its franchisees an excellent work/life balance and fantastic flexibility. Many of the franchisees work from home and juggle work around personal commitments. Franchisees are responsible for managing the various insurance claims that come in, ensuring that any existing renovation projects are on track and going to plan, and interacting with representatives from the insurance companies and loss adjusters.

The role requires no practical construction experience, though a head for project management and an understanding of the complexities of the construction site are helpful. This is predominately a management role, so franchisees will be expected to be able to manage a large team and ensure that any work performed is completed without a problem and to the required standard.

The insurance claim management industry

Concept Building Solutions are one of the leading insurance management specialists in the country and played an essential role in establishing this popular business model. It makes the most of economic characteristics that are unique to the UK economy. For instance, the UK insurance industry is the third largest in the world and the largest in Europe – it constitutes 7% of all insurance premiums paid globally and contributes £10.4 billion in taxes to the government.

Approximately 16.6 million domestic properties are insured in the UK, and annual claims total around £3.3 billion. The average fire claim results in a claim valued at £10,200, while the average flood claim is valued at £30,000. These figures demonstrate just how large the building insurance market is and how much potential a Concept Building Solutions franchise has.

What level of investment is required to become a franchisee?

To become a franchisee, it's necessary to invest £32,995 +VAT. A large portion of this can be funded by a major lender or other accredited loan schemes. However, some of the initial investment must come from personal assets. The existing network consists of around 160 territories, some of which have not yet been attributed to franchisees and others of which may be available as a resale.

What do franchisees get in return for their investment?

Once the franchise fee has been paid and all the relevant documents signed, the franchisee will be granted the right to trade under the Concept Building Solutions brand and to utilise its trademarks. The franchise package includes enrolment on a comprehensive training programme and the LEAP (Launch Establishment Action Programme) to ensure that you’re sufficiently prepared to operate a franchise unit.

All franchisees are designated a mentor, who will always be available to support and guide their mentee through the early stages of business growth. Assistance is also available from the franchise management team at head office, as well as field-based employees. Franchisees will also be provided with unique Concept Building Solutions claim management software, giving you the means to efficiently organise every claim. Finally, the franchise also offers a wealth of marketing and promotional materials, as well as operations manuals, corporate guidelines, and a best practice toolkit.

What kind of franchisees are Concept Building Solutions looking for?

Concept Building Solutions are looking to work with individuals who are motivated and driven to build a highly successful business that's capable of remarkable growth. Franchisees need to be able communicators and capable of forming efficient working relationships with their colleagues and employees. An understanding of business management theory and basic accounting processes is also useful.

Concept Building Solutions franchise review

With Concept Building Solutions, would-be franchisees have the opportunity to partner with one of the leading insurance claim management businesses in the country. Operating in a high demand industry, the franchise has refined and perfected its business model over more than 15 years of business, ensuring that franchisees are in a position to thrive and begin building their own profitable franchise unit.

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