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With a turnover of £82 billion, the automotive industry is huge and highly profitable. With the average household in the UK owning at least one car, the industry has a customer base of millions. Regular MOTs, servicing and valeting services, on top of car sales, ensure that automotive businesses have a steady income.

With an increasingly diverse range of vehicles on the market, and breakthroughs in technology being announced all the time, the automotive industry is a particularly exciting sector to be involved in.

Automotive products company

It is estimated that more than 856,000 people are employed within the automotive industry, which accounts for 12 percent of all goods exported from the UK. Car sales alone generate huge profits for the industry across the world, with the number of global vehicle sales thought to have reached 78 million in 2017.

Whether businesses work in vehicle sales, valeting services or specialised car products and accessories, it is inevitable that changes within the industry will occur, necessitating adaptable and flexible business models for companies to survive.

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Innovative automotive products

Following increasing awareness about human impact on the environment and concerns about the consequences of the use of traditional, fossil-fuel powered vehicles, automotive product manufacturers must keep up with the demand for innovative technologies.

According to Statista, 40 percent of American car owners would be prepared to drive fully autonomous vehicles, and, to keep up with this demand, the global market for autonomous driving products will increase from $400 million in 2015 to $40 billion by 2030. By 2030, 15 percent of new vehicles could be fully autonomous, while 70 percent could offer self-driving features (

Whats more, it is estimated that by 2020, 98 percent of vehicles will have connected-car technologies such as diagnostic tools, enhanced safety features and info-tainment ( The use of electric and hybrid vehicles is also expected to rise enormously, while car sharing systems should also become more prevalent.

As a result of this tsunami of innovation, businesses in the automotive industry must move with the times, incorporating new design, manufacturing and computer processes into their strategies. To accommodate the rapid rate of evolution in the industry, businesses would also do well to establish strong partnerships with new and exciting companies.

Businesses could win by concentrating on quality over quantity, promoting innovation rather than mass-producing previous best-sellers. And with the large volume of coding that goes into vehicles today compared to previous years, automotive companies should also be working to encourage coding or technology experts into the industry to meet the growing demand.

The most important thing for automotive businesses, however, is to work closely with their clients and customers. Listening and responding to the people that actually purchase their products can be invaluable, rather than sticking to production strategies that have been profitable in the past.

Franchise opportunities

Point Franchise offers a range of different automotive franchise opportunities for investors to get involved in. Lets take a look at a few examples:


This company sells automotive products for the upkeep of vehicles, including deodorisers, maintenance products, hand cleaners and paint. Autosmart was established in 1979 and launched its franchise model in 1999. With more than 35 years of industry experience, the company has 150 franchises across the UK.

Customers come in many forms, from a variety of sectors, and include car dealerships, valet services, hauliers, vehicle rental services and coach companies. The cost of setting up a new Autosmart franchise depends on the territories available at the time of enquiry, but investment can start at as little as £15,000.

In return, investors receive training in sales, marketing and other aspects of the business, as well as ongoing support once the franchise has been launched. Franchisees initially enter into a five-year contract, which can be renewed for periods of up to 30 years.


Founded in 1965, Autoglym has been in the business for over 50 years, and franchising for 23. Offering valeting and car-care products for car interiors and exteriors, Autoglyms customers come in the form of valeting companies, car distributors and transport mechanics. The business is also a fully accredited member of the British Franchise Association, so investors and customers alike can rest easy, knowing that Autoglym is a capable and successful franchise.

£50,000 will grant franchisees access to a comprehensive training scheme. This will take place in Autoglyms head office and give attendees the skills to tackle product inventory, sales, marketing, customer support, service orientation and the IT system.


Etyres is the UKs first online tyre franchise, offering tyre changing services whenever the customer needs it. Established in 1992 and launching its franchise model four years later, this business takes advantage of the 34 million vehicles currently on the roads in the UK, all of which will inevitably need a new tyre at some point. Etyres vans are fully equipped with everything needed to change a tyre, and travel to customers up and down the UK.

An Etyres franchise requires a minimum investment of £24,000. After investing, franchisees will be given training in sales strategy, product information, marketing, IT systems, data management and practical training. As time goes on, the business will also update franchisees on the business latest products as well as new industry practices.


Hometyre is also a mobile tyre company, providing tyre fitting and replacement, and wheel alignment services. As a nationally recognised brand, Hometyre enjoys a revenue of £5 million, as well as valuable business partnerships with leading brands like Dunlop, Goodyear, Michelin and Toyo.

Franchisees need to invest £40,000 to open their own branch of the tyre services business. An established training programme guides franchisees through their first few weeks with the company. Week One provides further insight into the business, Week Two provides hands-on training, and Week Three goes over the information provided.

Franchisees need not worry about sales enquiries, product restocking or logistics management, as Hometyres deals with this in order to ensure that franchisees get their branch up and running as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

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