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AA solo franchise

The AA Solo franchise package is one of three options available to entrepreneurs who choose to franchise with AA.

Let’s go back to basics. The AA Driving School division of the British motoring company, AA operates a franchise model that allows its franchisees to become driving instructors in their local area. There are three options for prospective franchisees: the standard franchise option; the mileage franchise option; and the vehicle only option. The latter is also described as the ‘AA Solo Franchise’. The best option will differ for each entrepreneur and depend upon their priorities, business ambitions and budget.

Here, we take a closer look at each option.

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AA Driving School Franchise

  1. The standard franchise option. If you have limited experience as a driving instructor, this could be the ideal route for you. Like most franchise opportunities, it includes an induction programme that includes a training course that covers financial planning, marketing and customer service. Whilst benefitting from the use of the recognisable AA brand name and proven business model, you will be able to minimise expenses, as all running costs, excluding fuel and consumables, are included in the franchise cost. Insurance, road tax, breakdown cover and regular servicing are also provided by AA.
  2. The mileage franchise option. This includes the same level of support from the business, such as the induction programme and insurance, but introduces flexibility with the pay-per-use mileage element. This payment scheme was introduced with the purpose of producing a lower weekly fixed fee for franchisees.
  3. The vehicle only franchise option. Finally, we come to the AA Solo Franchise. This is perfect for those who are already qualified instructors with plenty of experience, as it provides a dual control, unliveried vehicle and eliminates the induction course element. Franchisees can choose from a Ford Fiesta 1.0T 100ps Titanium or Ford Focus 1.0T EcoBoost, which they can then modify with their choice of branding, or opt to keep it as it is so that it can also be used for personal errands. Franchisees are also given insurance that covers themselves and their pupils.

AA Driving School Support

Entrepreneurs who decide to franchise with AA’s Driving School can rely on a good level of support from the business’ franchising team. As well as giving general business advice and helping with administration, AA runs a series of workshops and other events for franchisees to network and share insight. Further development training is also on offer, for the purpose of facilitating franchisees’ personal growth. AA also uses technology to ensure that its franchisees feel confident in their ability to carry the AA franchise; it has created a dedicated website space and app, MyFranchise and AA MyDrive, for franchisees’ personal use.

If you would like to learn more or discuss the AA Solo franchise opportunity with AA, complete the franchise form on the AA website.

Advantages of Becoming a Driving Instructor

So why should you franchise with AA? There are many reasons why becoming a driving instructor is a beneficial business move. Here are some of the top advantages:

  • Choose your own working schedule. As a driving instructor, you simply jump in your car and pick up your pupil at a prearranged time. This means that you can set your own working hours. As long as you can fit enough lessons into your day to keep your business profitable, you can opt to eliminate early mornings from your timetable, for example. You could even work part-time or take long holidays. You can also alter your working schedule from week to week, as there is no need to stick to the same hours, unless you find that an irregular schedule is detrimental to your specific business.
  • Get out and about. If you’re someone who dislikes sitting in an office all day, becoming a driving instructor could offer you the freedom you’re after. You can choose where your students practise their driving, and this could differ from day to day.
  • Meet new people. If you do your job well, your students will only be using your services for a number of months. This means that you will constantly be seeing new faces and developing relationships with different people. As a result, becoming a driving instructor would be a good choice for outgoing and friendly entrepreneurs who find it easy to talk to new people – and provide constructive criticism.
  • Have good job satisfaction. Because you are teaching your pupils how to drive from scratch, you are giving them the freedom to travel for the rest of their lives. This is a huge responsibility, so every time one of your pupils passes their driving test, you should feel fulfilled – and motivated to continue teaching. Therefore, being a driving instructor can be immensely rewarding.
  • Make good profit. Driving instructors can make a lot of money, especially if they benefit from the security of being part of a franchise with a proven business model and existing brand awareness. If you become a driving instructor in your local area, you could earn £30,000 a year. Of course, your salary will depend upon the number of hours you work, so if you are a part-time instructor, it will be much lower. However, this works both ways; you can decide to increase your hours in order to make more money if you choose. This flexibility is one of the reasons why becoming a driving instructor is a fantastic opportunity.
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