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Does New Look Franchise in the UK?

New Look is one of the UK’s most popular fashion brands, with almost 800 stores across the country. It also has an international presence, with a further 100 stores across Europe, Asia and the Middle East. It offers the latest trends to its young target audi [...]

Chicken & Waffles- Why Not Create Your Own Restaurant?

Food trends originating in the US have had an overwhelming influence on what we eat in the UK and across the globe. Half of our meat consumption in Britain is chicken, which indicates how popular and universal the protein-rich food is. As well as healthy-ea [...]

Does Next Franchise in the UK?

International fashion retail brand Next has over 700 stores across the globe. Over 500 of these are located in the UK, where Next is listed as a FTSE 100 company. The retail giant provides over 43,000 jobs in the UK alone and has a presence on most of the co [...]

5 Things You Didn't Know About Harry Ramsden's

Since the dish first appeared in the 1860s, fish and chips has been a British food favourite for generations. Whether you’re eating them as a takeaway by the sea or eating them gourmet-style in a restaurant, Brits of all ages can’t get enough of the classic [...]

Start Your Own Barber Shop With a Franchise

Since 2015, the men’s barber industry has boomed. According to Forbes, it is expected to be valued at an astonishing $26 billion (£19.9 billion) by 2020. This statistic is hardly surprising, considering the developing pace of the male grooming movement [...]

American Burger: How To Start Your Own American Burger Restaurant

The burger is a firm favourite among Americans and Brits alike. Dating back to the late 19th century, the beef patty is one of America’s most popular foodstuffs and creates $73 billion for the economy. The burger as we know it today is a regular meal for man [...]

How to Create Your Own Wedding Company

Being part of the team that helps make wedding days so special can be a very exciting and rewarding job. It’s widely accepted that weddings are an expensive event, with the organisers having to shell out on photographers, bands, florists, catering, dresses, [...]

5 Things You Didn't Know About The Wooden Floor Store

The Wooden Floor Store The Wooden Floor Store sells wood, laminate, vinyl and artificial grass flooring from a range of big-name brands including Bois De Vie, Causeway, Floored and Balento. These flooring solutions aren’t just sold to the public, however; [...]

Kebab Shop for Sale in the UK

Most people think of kebabs as a late-night snack used to soak up alcohol after an evening out with friends. However, kebab shops sell their produce throughout the day, and most find a huge customer base of consumers looking for a filling, meaty snack. Thi [...]

Start Your Own Beauty Shop with a Franchise

Looking and feeling our best is something that many of us make time for. The power of a good blow dry, a swipe of mascara and a coat of lipstick can transform how we feel about ourselves. We’ve all heard the saying ‘when you look good, you feel good’, right? [...]

Hotels for sale in the UK

Running a hotel can lead to big potential profits. If you get it right you will have a stream of paying guests eager to book up your rooms. Investing in a hotel franchise takes a lot of work, both before you open your doors and while you are up and running. [...]

Start a Shop Signs Franchise

While the signage sector may not be something the average preson has spent a lot of time considering, it has a lot of potential for investors looking to start their own signage franchise in the business-to-business industry. In the UK, the signage sector is [...]

Lebanese Food Franchises in the UK

As the food scene becomes more and more diverse in the UK, the public are increasingly becoming aware of the benefits of Lebanese cuisine, not only for our taste buds but for our bodies as well. With its huge variety of delicious and nutritious food, Lebanes [...]

Pancake Day 2019 is Nearly Here - Considered Opening a Pancake Franchise?

Pancake Day 2019 Pancake Day, also known as Shrove Tuesday, is a traditional feast day before lent starts on Ash Wednesday. Lent refers to the 40 days that lead up to Easter, which traditionally was a time of fasting, then Shrove Tuesday was the day when An [...]

Magnum Ice Cream Franchise – Do They Offer Franchise Opportunities?

The market for ice cream has never been hotter (theoretically) and it’s estimated that the UK’s take-home ice cream market was worth a cool £1.4 billion in 2018. It’s grown an incredible 26 percent since 2013 and many of our high streets are now dotted [...]

Video Game Shop- Create Your Own with a Franchise!

Video games are enjoyed by many people all over the world - both old and young. The gaming industry has never been so unstoppable, with the constant release of new consoles, technologies and games, and the market shows no sign of slowing down. Video Game Sh [...]

Car Wash for Sale - Franchises in the UK

There are 38 million vehicles on the roads of the UK, all of which should be cleaned on a regular basis. The car washing industry generates a revenue of £1 billion in the UK, with many drivers opting to pay a car wash company rather than get their hands [...]

Simit Sarayi Franchise in the UK

It all started off with a dream - to serve fresh simits (circular bread, typically encrusted with sesame seeds) in Turkey and across the globe. Today, Simit Sarayi’s dream has come true; it has spread its brand and taste globally, and it continues to grow ea [...]

Create a Tyre Business with a Franchise

According to the Department for Transport, there were 38.4 million vehicles licensed for use on the roads in the UK in September 2018. That’s 153.6 million tyres all rolling along our roads, potentially needing maintenance or replacement at any time. So, it’ [...]

Does Nike Franchise?

Playing sports from a young age teaches us to be competitive, but more crucially, invaluable team-work and communication skills. As well as the benefits that sport has on character building, and on keeping fit, the global sports industry is massive. Whether [...]

Pizza Delivery? Start a Franchise!

Businesses that serve and/or deliver pizzas can be hugely profitable opportunities for investors who are interested in franchising with an established business model. The pizza industry is huge across the world, with 49 percent of the UK population eating pi [...]

Do H&M Franchise?

The H&M group started in 1947 with the opening of the womenswear store Hennes in Västerås, Sweden. Today, the H&M group is global fashion company with 117,000 employees and more than 4,900 stores in 71 markets (as of 2018). The retail company owns a [...]

Who is the CEO of Boots?

With around 2,500 stores across the UK, Boots is one of the UK’s leading health and beauty retailers. The store builds upon its core business objective: ‘To be the first choice for pharmacy, health and beauty – caring for people, customers and communities ev [...]

Do Premier Inn Franchise in the UK?

Background of UK Hotel Sector Hotels are still a booming sector of the hospitality industry in the UK, despite the nationwide uncertainty regarding how Brexit will impact the hotel trade. This is attributed to many Brits opting to take mini-breaks in the UK [...]

Start Your Own American Steakhouse Franchise

Steak has always been a favourite among Brits. The process of preparing the perfect steak is one that requires years of experience, and involves sourcing quality cuts of meat, ageing them correctly and cooking them to perfection to create a succulent and ten [...]

Point Franchise is Exhibiting at the International Franchise Show!

Point Franchise Point Franchise is an integrated web platform with a unique, geo-localised search engine, that assists franchisees in finding businesses that are currently franchising and developing in specific areas of the UK. The powerful relationship man [...]

Texas Roadhouse Franchise in the UK

From classic American films to American folk music, we in the UK seem to hold close much of what comes out of the US – especially the idea of the road trip, the deep south and, of course, the food. Over the past few years, our supermarkets have started to st [...]

Italian Pizza Franchises- What Opportunities Are Available in the UK?

British people are passionate about pizza - plain and simple. Whether its curled up on the sofa with friends or celebrating in a fine dining restaurant, pizza is always a popular choice. Do you know anyone that doesn’t like the traditional Italian dish? Acco [...]

Junior Clothing – Why Not Create Your Own Business?

With the fashion industry worth £66 billion in the UK, building a business in this sector holds the potential for significant growth and returns on investment. Focussing on juniors’ clothing offers some advantages over specialising in other areas; for e [...]

5 Things You Didn't Know About Ableworld

Ableworld is the largest mobility and home care retailer in the UK, supplying products and services for the disabled and elderly. The company values its customers’ wellbeing; therefore, it only employs the most caring, compassionate and capable employees. T [...]