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Waffle Factory Franchise UK

Waffles are a delicious snack consisting of leavened batter or dough that is cooked in between two hinged metal plates - creating that classic honeycomb shape we all love. Waffles come in a variety of shapes, sizes and surface impressions, based on the type [...]

Top 5 Working From Home Franchise Business Ideas

Has earning a living from the comfort of your own home always been your dream? Are you bored of the mundane nine till five work schedule? Are you tired of travelling to and from work in the dark on short, winter days? Well, you’re not alone. Over four millio [...]

Humpit Hummus- Start Your Own Franchise

The rise in popularity of plant-based eating has been nothing short of stratospheric and many have called 2018 the year that veganism went mainstream. There are estimated to be more than half a million vegans in the UK alone, which has risen from around 150, [...]

Fit4Less in the UK – do they franchise?

The gym can prove to be a costly love affair for many of us. We’ll sign up, full of optimism and enthusiasm that this will be the time that we whip our bodies into the shape we’ve always dreamed of. But a few days, weeks or even months down the line, many of [...]

Pancake Franchises - What's Available in the UK?

Pancakes have been around for thousands of years – in fact, it is thought that the earliest form of pancake was made 12,000 years ago from ground grains and nuts. Today, our love of pancakes and French-style crêpes is demonstrated in the numerous pancake sto [...]

Spa Franchises in the UK

According to Mintel, it is estimated that six million trips are made to spas in the UK every year. With the rising interest in physical health and growing awareness surrounding mental wellbeing, consumers in the UK are increasingly turning to sport and leisu [...]

American Restaurant Franchises in the UK

American Restaurant Franchises in the UK You don’t have to walk far on the British high street to see the American influence on our food outlets. Burger chains, hot dog vans and doughnut shops supply American-inspired foodstuffs across the UK. According to [...]

Who is the CEO of Total?

Total is an international gas and oil company established in 1924 and is one of seven ‘Supermajor’ oil companies across the globe. Its commercial activity covers the oil and gas value chain, including the exploration and production of crude oil and natural g [...]

Salad Bar London - What Franchises Are There?

The grab-and-go market in the UK is estimated to be worth more than £20 billion - approximately the same amount as the gross domestic product of Estonia. Customers expect food on-the-go and at any time of day. Therefore, there is pressure on food franch [...]

Video Game Stores - Start Your Own With a Franchise

Gone are the days when video games were just for children, with people of all ages and genders enjoying the fun, thrilling and educational nature of video games. As a result, video game stores have the potential to become profitable businesses worldwide. Vi [...]

Home Care Franchises: Franchise Opportunities in the UK

Home Health Care Services For the terminally ill, disabled and the elderly, home care services make living at home till a later age more feasible. Understandably, for many, the idea of living in the safety and comfort of their own home, independently, is [...]

Key Cutting Franchise Opportunities

A reliable, quick and good-quality key cutting service is something we’ll all need to access at some point in our lives. Whether it’s getting a key cut to celebrate a partner moving in, presenting a house key to a teenager to mark their growing independence [...]

Arbys in the UK – Can You Franchise?

Arbys UK Franchise Arby’s is a popular fast-casual dining chain in the US that serves high-quality sandwiches without the long wait to hungry customers across the world. It’s a household name across America thanks to its signature roasted meats and is the c [...]

Does Tesco Franchise?

Does Tesco Franchise? Our shopping habits in the UK have been undergoing some notable shifts in recent years. But supermarkets, even after a period of difficulty, are and have always been essential. We are, in fact, now seeing a growth in the industry as [...]

Planet Fitness - Can you start a franchise in the UK?

It is a brand-new year, and a popular time for resolutions to start fresh and embark on a journey to a new and improved, healthier you. Health, wellness, looking and feeling your best- these things have always been on trend; attractive to people of all ages. [...]

Little Caesars in the UK - Do they Franchise?

Most UK consumers won’t have heard of Little Ceasers Pizza yet. But, that could all be about to change as the highly-touted fast food franchise looks to expand into the heavily crowded UK market in the coming years. To do so, they will need ambitious franch [...]

Elderly Home Care Franchise Opportunities in the UK

We all want to make sure that our loved ones are looked after in their old age. And while residential care homes can be the best and safest option for those who have complex health conditions like dementia, there are also plenty of alternatives that allow ou [...]

Telecom Companies - What Franchises Are There?

Telecommunications is one of the most important industries in the modern economy. Creating and maintaining the networks that allow information and data to get to our televisions, radios, phones and computers has changed the way that we interact with each oth [...]

How to Start a Tutoring Services Business with a Franchise

The private tuition sector is booming and there’s never been a better time to get in on the potentially lucrative action. Worth an estimated £2 billion in the UK alone, extra-curricular and private tutoring has steadily risen in popularity over the last [...]

Coworking Space franchises – How to Start your Own

Developments in technology have radically changed the way we work today. Twenty years ago, the idea of being able to communicate with someone on the other side of the world via email or text message was only beginning to take root as a serious option in peop [...]

Tyre Services Franchise Opportunities in the UK

As part of an industry worth £82 billion, tyre services businesses can be extremely lucrative, benefitting from a steady income from a large customer base of car and vehicle owners. With the average UK household owning more than one car, and more than [...]

Start an Automotive Products Business with a Franchise

With a turnover of £82 billion, the automotive industry is huge and highly profitable. With the average household in the UK owning at least one car, the industry has a customer base of millions. Regular MOTs, servicing and valeting services, on top of c [...]

Costa Coffee CEO - Who Is It?

Costa Coffee is one of the UK’s leading coffee shops, and can be found in every major town and city. With more than 1,500 stores in the UK, anybody who is anybody has experienced a warming coffee break in Costa Coffee. From its welcoming atmosphere to its qu [...]

Panda Express in the UK - Do They Franchise?

The Panda Express journey began ten years prior to the opening of the first Panda Express restaurant, when the Panda Restaurant Group launched its first Panda Inn restaurant in Pasadena, California in 1973. After a decade of success, the group then opened t [...]

Jackson Fire and Security Franchise - 5 Things You Didn't Know

Jackson Fire and Security is a management company that offers franchising opportunities across the UK. The franchise helps business and property owners to protect their workforces by complying with health and safety regulations in their premises. Jackson Fir [...]

Greek Food Franchises - What's Available?

As Britain’s food scene becomes ever more diverse, with food outlets serving cuisine from across the world on every street corner, British people are constantly being introduced to new and exciting flavours. For the increasingly time-strapped Brit, Greek foo [...]

Fashion Franchises - What Are There?

According to Fashion United, the fashion industry is worth a staggering £66 billion. With 555,000 people around the globe working in textiles and fashion, roughly one in six people are employed in the fashion industry (The Green Hub). While there is pl [...]

Shakeaway - What's Involved in Opening this Milkshake Franchise?

Shakeaway is the world’s largest milkshake bar company. The franchise boasts an impressive menu with limitless combination possibilities. Customers can enjoy a selection of milkshakes, hot beverages including teas, coffees, hot chocolate (even hot milkshakes [...]

How to Start a Dog Sitter Franchise

It is often said that you should try to turn you passions into profit. For dog lovers, this could mean a number of things. For those that love dishing out some TLC, a dog-grooming salon could be a good option. But for those that want to get as close to being [...]

Pizza Restaurant Franchises - How To Start Your Own

A serious contender for the most loved food ever, pizza can be found in every part of the world. Versatile enough to soak up the idiosyncrasies of any culture, and just as at home in a formal setting as a late-night impulse binge, it is hard to see demand fo [...]