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Burrito London Franchise Businesses: Start Yours!

Franchising has long been associated with the fast food industry. Every few years, focus shifts to the next big thing and customers start looking for something different. Recently, we’ve experienced the rise of Mexican street food and the burrito. Here, we [...]

Subway CEO - Who Is He?

In recent years, there have been a number of changes at the top of the Subway hierarchy. Here, we take a look at who’s currently in charge and what that means for the franchise going forward. Who is the CEO of Subway? The current Subway CEO is Trevor Hayn [...]

Lush Franchise - Do They Really Franchise?

Over the years, Lush has managed to build one of the UK’s most popular and recognisable brands. Here, we take a look at whether Lush offers franchising opportunities and what other cosmetics franchise opportunities are available. Lush franchise UK Lush co [...]

Primark – Do They Franchise?

For many consumers, Primark is irresistible. The clothes mirror the latest trends featured in fashion magazines at a fraction of the cost of other high street stores. This has resulted in a culture of disposable fashion. Shoppers can afford to buy the cloth [...]

Pharmacy Business Ideas: Considered Franchising?

Starting your own pharmacy business can be a rewarding venture that gives you independence and the chance to be your own boss. But be warned; it’s not an easy route to business ownership. You need to be prepared to work hard and possess the drive and determ [...]

Kids Cooking Classes: Taste Success with a Franchise

Schools tend to focus on core subjects such as math and English, but there is so much more which can be learnt simply from kids cooking classes. Cooking can help children learn and practice some basic math skills and build language abilities. And the experi [...]

Esso Petrol Franchise in the UK: Could it Fuel Your Ambition?

Esso is the trading name for ExxonMobil and its related companies. The company began as Standard Oil of New Jersey following the collapse of Standard Oil. In 1934, the brand name was chosen as it’s the phonetic pronunciation of the initials 'S' and 'O' in t [...]

Driveway Pavers: Paving the Way to Success with a Franchise

The British front garden has historically been well-tended with beautiful flowers, trees and plants with a picket fence thrown in for good measure. But over the last decade or so, changes have been creeping into residential streets up and down the country. [...]

Vape Shop: Start Your Own with a Franchise

While the number of smokers has been decreasing globally in recent years, the number of people choosing to vape has increased rapidly. According to statistics from the World Health Organisation, there were about seven million vapers in 2011, but this number [...]

Wedding Company Franchises: Make Everyday Special

Weddings are often the most special event in an individual’s entire life. Consequently, anyone providing wedding services needs to ensure that they’re at the top of their game every time they go to work. Some people thrive in such a situation. Generally, th [...]

Perfume Online Shop: Enjoy the Sweet Smell of Success with Your Own

Opening an online perfume shop may be the perfect way to realise your dreams of managing your own business and working from home. If successful, it could also form the basis of a strong franchise. Here, we take a look at how you should begin going about lau [...]

KFC CEO – Who’s in Charge of the World’s Favourite Chicken Franchise?

KFC is one of the world's largest fast food franchises and a popular restaurant the world over. While we all know that Colonel Sanders was the man originally behind the finger-lickin’ blend of herbs and spices, not many people know who are the people who ar [...]

Retail Careers: Be Your Own Boss with a Franchise

The retail industry forms the foundation of the British economy and is one of the most significant contributors to the UK treasury. While this is mainly due to the sheer size of the industry, its component parts are also considered strong economic contribut [...]

Green Energy: Join the Revolution with an Eco-Business

The green sector is booming, and a greater number of entrepreneurs are now looking to launch their own business in this growing market. Here, we take a look at how the industry is performing and how you could start your business by partnering with a franchi [...]

Automotive Companies: What Franchise Businesses Are There?

Are you a car lover? Do you love to drive, have a passion for the craftsmanship of cars and are curious about the engineering that goes into each vehicle? Well, what if you could turn your enthusiasm into a career? The good news is that you can if you choos [...]

Local Assist Franchise: What’s Involved?

Local Assist Local Assist is one of the UK’s top property care and repair companies Local Assist is one of the UK’s top property care and repair companies, specialising in emergency insurance [...] [...]

Shisha Bar Businesses: Are There Franchises?

Shisha smoking originates from the Middle East and Asia and is a way of smoking tobacco, which is generally mixed with different flavours. Despite the health risks, there has been a rise in the number of shisha bars in towns and cities across the UK. What [...]

Automobile Franchise Businesses: An Opportunity to Take the Road to Success

If you love all things automobile, then you’re not alone. A massive 76% of households have access to a car or van according to the National Travel Survey 2017. This is because driving has now become a necessity rather than a luxury in the fast-paced world i [...]

Thai Restaurant Franchises Good Enough to Eat

Asian-style food is thriving in the UK thanks to a rise in the number of pan-Asian restaurants all over the country. Chinese and Thai restaurants are crucial to the success of the market as most people choose not to cook Asian-style cuisine at home. The Or [...]

Nail Salons: Why Not Create Your Own?

The beauty business is booming. British women like to look good and are prepared to pay for it. A survey performed by Groupon found that the average British woman spends £70,294 on their appearance during their lifetime. That’s a whopping £1,352 a [...]

Concept Building Solutions - Begin Building Your Future

Concept Business Solutions are one of the construction industry’s leading franchises and a popular choice amongst those who understand what a high-quality, comprehensive franchise package looks like. With considerable experience in the industry, they’ve gro [...]

Tanning Salon Businesses: Considered Starting Your Own?

More than 1 million UK adults visit a tanning salon every day. While small, independent salons service most of these customers, there's a gaping hole in the market for a well-branded business that customers trust and can find anywhere in the country. Here, [...]

Popeyes UK - An Alternative Chicken Franchise?

Popeyes is one of the most popular chicken franchises in the USA and a global franchising success story. However, not much is known about the brand in the UK. Here, we take a look at why the business has yet to establish itself in the UK market and whether [...]

Start a Window Cleaning Business and Wash Your Way to Success

Window cleaning can be big business. Modern architecture has fallen in love with transparency and, consequently, many new builds are made entirely from glass. Consumers are also becoming increasingly concerned about the way their house looks and how it is m [...]

Construction Firms: Develop Your Own with a Franchise

The UK construction industry offers employment to approximately 10% of the country’s workforce and is worth an estimated £110 billion a year. Its sheer size makes it an attractive sector in which to launch your own business. Here, we take a look at how [...]

Disability Care Businesses in the UK: Create Your Own

If you’ve always wanted to give something back to your local community, you may have considered starting your own disability care business. Though the idea of operating your own business can be daunting, the process is made significantly easier if you form [...]

Indian Restaurant For Sale: Spice Up Your Career with a Franchise

Indian food is amongst the most popular in the UK and restaurants serving the cuisine are some of the country's most numerous. However, would-be franchisees have little option when it comes to launching a franchised business. Here, we take a look at how you [...]

Courier Service UK: Deliver Business Success with a Franchise

In the modern economy, businesses need access to a one-day courier service that isn't going to let them or their customers down. With the growth of next-day delivery services and increasingly impatient customers, there's a lot of money to be made in the cou [...]

House Renovation Franchises: Build Your Future on Firm Foundations

In the UK, the home renovation market is worth an estimated £26 billion. So, it's no wonder that there's an increasing number of renovation franchises emerging to service the market. However, not all franchises are made equal, and some offer would-be f [...]

Card Shop Businesses in the UK: Celebrate Starting Your Own

Christmas, birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother's Day, and Father's Day all have one thing in common – cards. Greetings cards are an essential part of most of our major celebrations and, in the UK, there's a massive demand for cards of all shapes and [...]