Waffle franchise opportunities

Waffles have enjoyed a massive surge of interest in the UK in recent years and show no signs of going out of fashion, not least as creative business minds are coming up with new concepts all the time.

The dessert taking the UK by storm

One of the latest is the newly available bubble waffles which can be shaped into cones and filled with both savoury and sweet treats. Credit for the initial concept of the waffle can be variously attributed to Belgium, the USA and even China. However, waffles are now appearing on menus throughout the UK in various forms, more recently as an alternative to burger buns, the basis of sandwiches and even platforms for stacking meat, veg and gravy. Perhaps they are more universally known for the myriad mobile vans and units that serve up waffles as elaborate desserts at street food festivals, events and at seaside locations.

Such is the level of love for this versatile dessert and breakfast staple, there is even a National Waffle Day in the UK. From a relatively small part of the food market in 2009, waffles have risen to be valued at around £24million as a contribution to the economy. Waffle Meister is a growing brand in this sector, offering a range of franchise support packages for serving units that fit well in shopping centres.

Sprinkles Gelato offers franchise concepts to serve waffles alongside other treats and beverages, including full-scale cafes. Waffle Magic is gaining ground by finding a network of business partners. Franchisees are also being sought by Waffle Waffle, which prides itself on being an authentic Belgian waffle café.

Start a waffle franchise in the UK

Why take the franchise route to starting up a waffle unit – or a cluster of outlets? Even selling something as popular and versatile as waffles has its challenges and pitfalls – not least the amount of regulations imposed on the food service sector. A franchisor can provide branding that helps you to gain customer loyalty, equipment and a product supply chain.

For some great facts about the latest dessert franchise deals – with no waffle – contact us today.

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